Meet iOS 14 Concept on iPhone 12

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Magic at every touch. This is iOS 14 on iPhone 12. Say hello to Split screen on iPhone, new app switcher, smaller…


  1. Although this looks cool. It’s not real. The actual IOS 14 will most likely have few to none of the features shown.

  2. iOS 13 is the reason why I am on Android. I will consider switching back to iPhone once Apple adds multitasking and a smaller incoming call notification.

  3. Not going to lie if that happens I will gladly toss out my andriod

  4. This is GREAT!! Apple definitely needs to add split view and PIP!

  5. Now that you showed how to make it better, Apple will specifically avoid doing so.

  6. « Tim Apple » 😆 « finally » 🤣 « Tired with Siri and Safari » 😂 All the words that Apple will never use

  7. Most of it is pretty gorgeous, nice work. But that white on white with the widgets was no bueno

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