Mavic Mini | How To Fly Mavic Mini

At just 249g, MavicMini is the ultimate portable drone – making it the perfect everyday flycam. In this video, we’ll show you how to perform your first flight with Mavic Mini!

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  1. Will the DJI go app or the DJIgo4 app work for the mini?? I do not see a DJI fly app in the google play store

  2. Can I get a Mavic Mini even if its used or not I will accept it. Its my dream to have one of those drones. I will use it for making content and make amazing videos, I don't have the money to buy one, but if you are willing sir to give me or buy me a Mavic Mini it would be great. I'm from the Philippines 🇵🇭 sir hope you can read this and make my dream come true. You are one of many people that inspired me to make amazing videos and make the viewers smile on their faces. Thank you and God Bless you sir :))

  3. 3:01 If there's a weak GPS signal the drone will automatically land. This make me nervous.What if lands very far away from you in a crowded area where someone could possibly get hold of it?

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