Massive 8.4 Inch phone! Chuwi Hi9 Pro Android 4G LTE Tablet/Phone| Unboxing first impression

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10.8 inches phablet/labtop/phone
Chuwi Hi 9 Plus :

Chuwi Hi9 Pro is a phablet with a screen display of 8.4 inches and 2560×1600 QHD IPS LCD panel.
It boards a large 5000 mAh battery much needed to power the massive and colorful panel with 359 PPI.

Key Features

Brand – Chuwi
Model – Hi9 Pro 4G
Alternative Name – Chuwi Hi9 Pro 4G Phablet
Device Type – Android 4G Tablet
CPU –…


  1. Hey man, what other phablets do you recommend? I'm looking for a tablet with built in cell phone capabilities. Any recommendations are appreciated

  2. I'm estactic, I think some of the posters have the model confused because they said slow so they probably got the old one for 2 gb ram. This one is 3 and helio that's one of the fastest that can get up to 5gh wifi. I just bought me one so I can use for ebay but I also went to their site and found that they also have some impressive tablets. So I'm thinking since I just got paid I will buy the fast tablet for ebay and keep this one for phone since my cheap phone is all cracked up. But listen to this, I have a lenovo thinkpad T430 with supposed 16 gb ram, here's the thing they put windows 10 on it which makes it drag so I really don't want to use it for ebay. I am now going to get the Chuwi Hi 9 Plus, it is 10.8 with 4g lite capabilities and a little better specs than this one and it's 4 gb ram and a keyboard it's only $200 plus dollars. Now for all of those commenting about Chuwi products not being so good, let me inform you that people are paying over $500 to $1000 for these specs on both the Hi9 Pro which is this one and the Hi9 Plus which is the 10.8 tablet.

    Now here's where it gets great, you can order a Hi-Dock which has 4 usb's on it imagine the capabilities. Order one of these or check online to see if there are more with more usb's. Now for what most of you might be not too happy about and I concur but won't complain because like I said the specs are fantabulous but the camera isn't so for those of you who are not techy and I'm sure that's many. There is a geek guy here on youtube that has a video about incredible or awesome phone gadgets or inventions. Something like that, anyhow guess what I saw in his video? I saw an awesome gadget that you can strap over your phone/phablet/tablet and it will convert your current pixels into 25 mega pixels or more? It could be much higher you'd have to search and as soon as I find it I will post it here okay. Well that is my best day in any day and I accomplish a "Phantabulous Phablet and Pc Tablet with accessories worth from $1,500 on up for less than $400 dollars! Tell me that's not great news! Want some more great news? Stop being a slave to huge phone and data bills, go to US MOBILE . com and you can build or click on UNLIMITED and you can choose unlimited phone and text for $10 yes that's right $10 and you can add unlimited data for $30 yes that's right $30. How do I find great deals? I'm always RESEARCHING…..HERE'S THE THING when I checked to see if I can use my service on more than one device they say no you have to order individual. So I checked on the family plan, well it seems to go up a little bit when keeping same account for more than one device as a family plan. So my take is to buy two or more sim cards from them or you might be able to call them a get a good deal. This way you can take advantage of the cheaper deals for individual accounts, maybe use a debit card for one and a credit card for another but let's say on the off chance that they don't allow same person with two individual accounts it will then cost you $55 for the above unlimited plan for everything instead of $40 bucks okay. So please don't look down and mope because the way I see it THIS IS THE BEST NEWS "EVA"! No Contracts it's month to month and if you want to play it safe so you don't loose your number or service deal go ahead and agree to the "auto pay" and it will automatically renew to what you have set it to every month.

    Don't forget to get you some good protection for your devices starting from the Protection Plans if they break or mess up. Then the glass protector and case and folding case, battery bank if needed and a tablet backpack to store both your phablet and tablet and accessories. Make sure you buy a durable one that will last you for years this way you can protect all of your investments. This investment is not only super affordable but you are buying great quality items at rock bottom prices. I personally don't buy internet at home because all I do is buy the unlimited plans and tether it to my laptop Thinkpad T430. I guess I will see if I can do the same with my phablet but if they don't allow me to do that then I will simply buy another sim card as I stated earlier and above this paragraph. Okay so I know I sound like I'm trying to sell you something but guess what I am so proud of myself for accidentally finding out about Chuwi and it's great products and accessories that when I came across this video I simply had to share it with y'all. Oh you don't understand I've been searching for months for a great big phablet with pc like specs and non foldable and have found none other than the Huwei and Samsung, but I DON'T WANT FOLDABLE thankyou CHUWI. "Thank me Later"…

  3. I had one of these, but it was so slow. But the size was great. And mine took forever to charge. I would be interested in how you like it after a few weeks.

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