Make Up Or Break Up!? (Crazy Game Of Couples Fighting) Ft. Nikki Limo & Steve Greene

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Who is the best couple?

Special Thanks To Nikki limo and Steve Greene

Nikki Limo

Steve Greene

Editor: Antoine Bandele


• Joe Jo:
• Bart Kwan:
• Geo Antoinette:…


  1. And to add to my previous comment: I don't care about the audio problem, it's the content that I and I'm sure many others care about! This episode made me and my boyfriend love you guys even more!

  2. I can’t believe you guys are deleting the channel wtf, leave these videos up

  3. This is my favorite video. This was hilarious. I haven't laughed out loud in a video like this in a long time.

  4. You guys should do more couples game shows, this was by far the best game you guys have played and I've seen all of jkparty.

  5. Bart responded "Heterosexual" Lmaoooo thats what i used to answer back when i was trying to hide that i watched gay porn

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