Make Android TV run Faster! | Sony Setup Guide, Best Settings and Developer Mode

Follow this guide to speed up your TV, unlock Developer Mode, stop spammy pre-loaded apps, fix Chromecast and more!

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  1. Is there a video playback speed control on Android TV like it is on Youtube?

  2. I was talking to my sister whilst watching this tut and tinkering with our TV and I cackled at some parts of your video🤣🤣 I don't laugh easily. So thank you. And yes, you made our TV a lot fastah😅

  3. i just never connected the wifi and its alot better. ill use playstation if i need netflix. and then disable all these fucking apps that come with these pieces of shit

  4. How to downgrade the latest firmware to an old version, because nowadays, and my Sony Bravia TV Restart automatically sometimes and also features from the latest OS is not user-friendly to me… So, I want to back old version OS for my Sony Bravia TV. Please suggest me the best way to downgrade firmware.

  5. SLOW DOWN! – You were whipping through all those setting changes so fast, I couldn't keep up.

  6. Can I uninstall the whole android os on my TV and make it a normal smart TV.. Is this possible?
    I hope my question is understood..

  7. Thanks for the info on how to run android tv faster. Has anyone having problems with you view catch up apps not working. It’s very temperamental.

  8. Lmao. Funny and instructive. Liked it. Did mostly everything and yes tv feels much snappier. Thanks pal!

  9. In fact Sony Smart TV is a piece of crap, not because of Sony but because of Android. Why Sony don't develop his own OS for the smart TV? That's something I can't understand.

  10. That’s amazing, i didn’t think I will have so much fun watching a video about tv setting!

  11. Seriously, it's a really bad idea to let the Android system kill all the Activities ones they are going to the background. It's causing every already generated view to be relayouted. You will probably get more crashes this way,cause lazy developers not always care about to handle the situation that their activity can be removed from the stack. Trust me, I'm an android developer. This mode is for testing and hardening your developed activities. Let the os decide when it is needed to remove created objects from memory. This is what an operating system is for.

  12. Made a significant difference on my Bravia. Boom, straigt into netflix, boom, straight into apps.

  13. Thanks for the info mate you've got yourself a lovely TV there it's a shame you haven't followed up with some sound equipment I don't think you realise what you missing out on and I don't mean silly soundbars I mean a proper AV so sort it out bro

  14. Is it necessary to update android to the latest version?right now i just stay to the original version of android since purchased tv

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