Make a DIY Phone Tripod

Okay, so maybe “cheap” is an understatement. Start with a paper towel roll cardboard thingy and end with a paper plate. This is by no means a durable or reliable solution to hold your phone, but we’re trying to save money here.

If you’re just getting into making videos, your phone will likely be your only camera. Although I strongly recommend getting a cheap tripod, you may need something right now, and this will do the trick.


  1. I tried making a ghetto one XD but it didn't work at all. Your design is MUUUUUCH better

  2. I love it. I'm a teacher, looking for a quick solution to make some videos for my students during this Quarantine mess– can't wait to try this today!

  3. Nice one! Love the way you say circumference, yet call it a paper-towel-roll cardboard thingy!

  4. Yeah, i could order one, but will it make it to me tonight? no. besides i don't need one that often anyway, so this is a good replacement

  5. love this! thank you so much you're a genius, a cheapskates dream man

  6. Just bought my first mountainbike last week, even before i was whatching you for a year or So… So you made me buy one😁 Witch has been So much fun.

  7. You can always go to the dollar store for a really cheap tripod though.

  8. No it’s not the cheapest tripod in the world your arm is hahahahaha🤣

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