Ludo Club – Gameplay Trailer (iOS, Android)

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  1. I wish "Man, Don't Get Angry" was the most popular name for these types of games.
    They really are infuriating! 😂

  2. Anyone know how do they cash count the usage of power ups? Sometimes, they take $2 off you, sometimes, they take $30 off.

  3. Cebo eres viste ce tenías creen trae a tucasita y no lo insiste reto co 3 y no entras tea tu casita 😾👿💬noloisiste

  4. Hi i m also big fan of ludo club…buy plz tell emoji unlocked kse hote h mai kb se try kr rai hu pr 4 emoji locked hi h..kse hoge unlocked????

  5. Agreguen al facebook: (Jarvin valverde rios y Eduardo ismael flores tocto). para Ludo Club. Envio llaves diario. Gracias🔑🔑💵🤙🎲

  6. Ludo is motherfucking cheating game with asshole players just mike miniclip (scamclip) 8 ball pool.

  7. I have a question how to unlock some dices? I mean are they seasonal and then you can unlock them i don't know i just started playing this game

  8. This game is rigged. Half way through the game the dice is in favour of 1 person even if the other one is clearly winning.
    If you play well during the 1st half of the game and even if the other person plays badly you will lose.
    No matter how good or bad both players play the game will come very close towards the end.
    Most of the time the dice is in favour of the person with the lower medal.
    Also algorith has been set in such a way that Indians 🇮🇳 always win.

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