LUCKY COIN Big Win Every Day | Android / Google Play Earn Money Online App | Youtube YT Video

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I let’s play and review this game. You can download and play this Lifestyle game Lucky Coin – Big Win Every Day by Lucky cash Studio for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here:

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  1. All these apps are a joke. I cant believe i seen J lo promoting the game. Is that bitch that desperate to be on video shes promoting rip off. Ive been playing all these games in my conivirus lockdown they are ALL a ripoff

  2. Has anyone had this payout cash?
    Or for that matter the Amazon gift card?
    I just redeemed my diamonds for a gift card i hope it gives me one because it took a while to accumulate 10 million diamonds! Also what worries me it is not in the Google play store anymore!

  3. Yeah Lucky coin they is a scam I tried to cash out today in my diamond coins for a Amazon gift card and I tried to get a verification code and put my phone number in and they will not send it so it is a scam

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