Live Android Hacking with MSFVenom

MSFVENOM creates standalone payload with permissions that allow complete mobile device takeover. Video strictly for educational purpose.

Ethical Hacker | Penetration Tester | Cybersecurity Consultant

About The Trainer:
Loi Liang Yang
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Certified Ethical Hacker
CompTIA Security+



  1. what if you turn on your rear camera using exploit of your virtual android device..! will you see wiring inside the computer?

  2. This method will work for old os, for the new os session will get died often, no use at all.

  3. After exploit command I am double click the app but it doesn't work, just it started reverse TCP handler on IP:4444, is there any solution to connect

  4. Sir..kindly u send the script to mail?I am from India..m student..but due to financial problem I can't go for class..But m very much interested in your class..pls sir ..give me a chance to your poor student

  5. Sir they hv removed apk payload options from msfvenom in recent update is there any other way to create payload for mobile phones

  6. Sir, I am doing same process in termux. Everything is working fine except the ifconfig. It doesn't generate the LHOST. I am facing an error
    "Warning: cannot open /proc/net/dev (Permission denied). Limited output."

    And showing some other up address but not the local Host. Can you please help me out.

  7. When we search for ip(payload one) in our mobile it's not opening but it's showing in laptop anyone can help

  8. Sir,After closing and opening terminal does this session will com back again and connected to that phone?

  9. How to solve
    "Cannot move file to /var/www/html/ : no such file or directory"

  10. when i put ip and /attack.apk the dowbload doesn't start

  11. Can we fud this rat
    a guy is using some module like obfuscation and progaurd to fud

    And the rat 100% fud but he charging money for doing fud

    Can you bring fud method to us

  12. Sir If the device is not rooted how do we create a permission to enforce the device to become rooted as you said?

  13. Sir I am getting error like handler failed to bind with socket address and i have done port forwarding using a website pls help me i m stuck

  14. Hello sir, i want to learn how does the Android Meterpreter apk works (THE FLOW OF THE PAYLOAD.apk) so starting from Launching the MainActivity to Setting up a tcp connection to receiving it and all.. is there a way to completely decompile the app to actually get the original JAVA SOURCE CODE ?? Please give me atleast a lead.

  15. Hello sir my Ethernet IP doesn't show to me when i use " ifconfig " command to get my local host IP can help me Please

  16. this is not a hack. if you use same network connected to your phone and pc then it will work

  17. This works only when victim's phone and kali linux network are connected to same wifi

  18. I can't open the page in the phone with my ip, "pages no found"

  19. Sir,
    When i install and open the apk in my phone it says 'this app was built for an older version of android" please contact the developer.

    Because of this i think my reverse tcp handler is not working.

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