Listen to iBooks read by your iPhone

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Using the accessibility settings, you make your iPhone or iPad read downloaded books and text from other apps to you out loud.

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  1. Can you change the voice? I prefer a male voice for some reason. Help please haha

  2. It does not work on a 6th Generation IPad. It says no speakable content on screen.

  3. Hello everyone…
    I have this problem as i have switched to iphone xs max recently.. In using google play books
    In samsung when we press read aloud.. It reads the page and turns the page and continue to read the full book.
    In iphone.. What i figured out is to let it read, i have to turn speak screen option which i did.. Then i should swip two fingers from top to bottom and it will read the page

    The problem is that it only reads this one page.. It doesnt flip the page or continue reading..
    It is not practical to do the swipe motion for every page as i would like to listen to my books while i am busy driving and so on…

    Is there any way i can let it read the full book without having to do this every time? Any thing i am missing?

    Thank you in advance

  4. The is awesome, but when the screen is locked it just read out the page it already reading and cut off, is this only happening to me??

  5. how do you get it to read the whole book instead on one page at a time?

  6. Funny, I've been using this for the longest time… funny that people seem to just have found this feature

  7. While this is a very useful feature for the blind, I wouldn't go so far as to suggest it as a suitable replacement for a well-recorded audiobook.

  8. My blind students have been using this since the first gen iPhones. Works on webpages. Too

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