Linaro improvements to Android 4.0.4 performance on the Pandaboard TI OMAP4430 platform

Bernhard Rosenkränzer who is the Android Toolchain expert at Linaro shows how Linaro’s version of Android 4.0.4 runs about twice as fast as stock Android 4.0.4 on the TI OMAP4430 Powered Pandaboard. You can also watch this interview filmed earlier this week with Bernhard Rosenkränzer talking about what he does at Linaro:


  1. @John Johnson well i mentioned the gcc 4.7! now i think they should consider the 4.8 since it's already available, code optimized = runs faster = saves battery life, this is the goal.

  2. I didn't realize google doesn't use gcc-based toolchain; good point, especially with the support from chip-makers like ARM, gcc should be the standard.

  3. I think he Does mention that some of the optimization flags thrown at the compiler enabled the "strict…aliasing", among other things; and, yea, GPU closed-source as already mentioned

  4. All these speed improvements were achievable bu using the GCC 4.7 toolchain, i hope that Google will move to it with the upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or what ever they might call at the time of release, this will give users the performance of superphones in their low end devices (not in every cases though).

  5. how can I customize android rom? I know C++ and Java both and what to customize Android Rom.

  6. i'm so glad there's still people like you guys out there, actually paying attention to optimizing code… couldn't stop smiling through the whole video. thank you so much 🙂

  7. You can watch my interview with the Allwinner engineers at the Linaro Connect, you can try to find them online and contact them to ask if they have some of the Linaro software advances integrated for the Allwinner A10 platform yet.

  8. I make ROMS for my Allwinner A10 device using dsixda's kitchen !
    I have no idea of a toolchain and all that stuff !
    Do you have any roms made for these allwinner a10 tabs ?
    Or Can u tell me what can i do to port these great tweaks on my tab ?
    Thanks in Advance !

  9. I just want to see what can you do on a Hardkernel Odroid-X?!?!?!??!
    Do you know this board?It's a little Samsung Galaxy S3..
    Please, add Odroid-X to your optimization plan..

  10. Ciao Alberto,
    I'm from the memory IC industry and I can tell you all this optimization does is really reducing and optimizing memory accesses to DRAM. By re-compiling the source with aliasing techniques the system ends up better using the internal cache hierarchy and therefore reduce the amount of reeds to external DRAM. I'm searching for someone expert with this platform to have my NEXUS updated to this build. Do you know anyone interested ? Thanks

  11. Android is awesome and has been the best mobile OS since cupcake in 2008. It's quite amazing to consider that Android runs smoothly on 1000 different hardware designs, with different processors, different screens, different memory at all kinds of different prices. Basically Android is the fastest that mobile OS can be on any hardware that runs it. Put Android on the iPhone 4S hardware and it'll run much faster and better than iOS.

  12. Jelly Bean with Linaro is even faster, just wait for it to be demonstrated. Google does use something from Linaro in 4.1.1 but not yet all of it. To be continued.

  13. You can also do 3D on the CPU, which is what this benchmark does, look it up. The GPU is not used for that benchmark. Linaro can't improve the SGX540 GPU of OMAP4 because it's closed source.

  14. Amazing how this Jesus man compare the results of an OpenGL test which is _GPU intensive_ telling that his toolchain has doubled the execution speed!
    3D rendering is done by the GPU and maybe he is using two different kernels with two different clock speeds of the GPU.

    I want to see top running on those boards, and if it is as I expect, it will tell that the CPU load is around 10~20% in both.. so the toolchain room cannot ever allow a doubling of speed!

  15. Better code = better battery. When the code runs faster, devices can clock down the ARM processor sooner and have more battery runtime.

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