Light lux meter App to PAR meter hack | Android Smartphone PAR meter hack

I have calibrated the Android ‘light Lux Meter Free’ app by Doggo Apps against the Asensetek Spectroradiometer for three grow light spectrum. I have calibrated the App to the Asensetek Lux and PAR readings.
Take a reading with the App and divide by the factor listed on the chart for your spectrum as follows:
3500K spectrum:
Divide App reading by 1.4 for accurate lux
Divide App reading by 100 for PAR
4000K spectrum:
Divide App reading by 1.25 for accurate lux
Divide App reading by 90…


  1. I tested this with the Samsung Galaxy S8. It appears other phones may not have the same camera sensitivity. On the Galaxy S8 the lux readings max out at 491491 lux. This may be helpful when seeing if the camera on your phone has similar sensitivity. Any other suggestions welcome. PS I will do for IOS on iPhones soon.

  2. The problem is that Lux meters or Android Lux apps may also not work with LED grow lights accurately. Is there a way to convert lux value on android app from led light to PAR?

  3. Wow thank you for nothing talking like you just shot up heroin only to say jack shit, you didn't even compare damn

  4. I use that exact same app… but it read from recomended hang height on phlizon at 35"" 6000 lux with the veg+bloom swith on only, and the cobs off, with all of it on at the same height it will read 35000 lux and from the sun it reads 400000 lux, if i bring it to 5 inch from the light it will go to 600000lux tho.
    I know we have good sun here but does this mean that the sun over here is putting out 6000PPFF? Like 4 real tho? Its know to be one of the best climates during the summer wich is starting now, sometimes i cant even open my eyes from too much light

  5. How would I go about testing the Lux and converting to Par when using a combo of 4000k and 3000k in the same light? cheers

  6. Hi could i know…i have a 100w 5000k burple cob. Im getting abt 1k to 2k for my plants…n i see your list starts at 10k to get the good nm….does this mean im placing my lights way too far then needed? Kindly advice pls. I used the frre app n on a note 8 samsung.

  7. Thank you for this tip. You made me subscribe. Works great on a s10+. Shows my 1000w DE hortilux with solis tek matrix at 53k at the top of the canopy. My 8x 48 t5 vho is about 22k on my clones.

  8. Wow i actually use that same app becouse i cant afford the propper meter. This helps alot. They should read the colour via the camera

  9. Thanks for the video, is there an apple app yet to measure light that’s reasonably accurate yet?

  10. Dual spectrum hps? Would it make a difference? I use this app. Just to check even light levels across the tent @migro?

  11. Please kindly explain how that phone app (and any other cheap LUX meter, for that matter) can measure LUX and not LUMEN, given that LUX is defined as LUMEN PER SQUARE METER? No one is able to give a satisfying explanation for this. Can one calculate actual LUMEN output of the light source given the LUX value? all "back" calculators need a surface input, as expected (yes, I know that the most important value is PAR)

  12. There are websites that have nice calculators to convert your lux to par. Lots of spectrums to choose from. Google is your friend 👍

  13. Please how do I do the conversion? I don't understand how to use the graph..

  14. Hi Thanks for a great video again. Im wondering if the par is higher or lower when cbx3590 has a 90 degress lens on. Cheers

  15. Could you, please, explain why all these devices apparently measure in "LUX" and not in Lumen? Lux makes no sense to me as it is Lumen per square meter ie correlated to a surface illuminated. BTW I've installed that app again (removed it previously from my Note4, now I have an S8) and measured some household lamps I use as grow lights, 3000 and 4000°K, CFL and Leds … the results are just shambles 😀

  16. I have the APP and so far it seems to be quite good. But I'm not fully understanding the conversion method. Great video by the way. Awesome content. Thxs

  17. on the app did you turn up the calibration to 2.0?

  18. Some of the best unbiased info out there regarding all facets of LED lighting tech… As others have also mentioned, I was researching PAR meters to check my canopy lighting intensity and stumbled across this GEM of a video~ Thank-you very much for the thought, and time, that you put into your videos~ I have learned a lot, and probably saved a buck or two too boot~

  19. Your channel rocks bro! Your knowledge has helped me TREMENDOUSLY when choosing a grow light. Sorry I didn't go with Migro…. I bought some Optic LED Optic 1's, I LOVE THEM. Bought 2 COB's and 2 of the new LM301H Phantom 1's. All 54 watts. 206 watts total in a 2×4 tent. IT CRUSHES! Unbelievable potential and some dense ass nuggets! Anyway, this video is great. I got this app and I gotta say, it's pretty accurate. I was really surprised. Check it out. Thank you MIGRO!

  20. Stay of the drugs, this video makes no sense. Maybe dont shoot up a ball of H before you try and make a explain things to people on a YouTube video

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