Lifelong iPhone User Spends 1 Week with Pixel 4 XL | Pixel 4 Review

Lifelong iPhone User Switches to Android (Pixel 4 XL) – Regret? | Google Pixel 4 Review (1 Week Later)

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were just recently released and after spending a full week with the Android-based phone, here are my thoughts. And these are my thoughts after switching over from an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This video will cover the Pixel 4 camera, battery life, display, face unlock, the positives, the negatives and much more! It can also serve as a Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro…


  1. Alright, here's your chance to share your opinion, but keep it civil. Thoughts on the Pixel 4 vs the iPhone 11 Pro?

  2. This software update you mentioned to fix the face unlock that opens with your eyes closed, has that already been released and fixed by now?

  3. I'm doing the budget phone user uses the Pixel 4 XL for 2 to 3 years

  4. OK what are you talking about iPhone 11 Pro has a option to never shut down the phone! What is going on with your information?!?

  5. OK dude you said “I didn’t think anything could touch the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro regarding Face ID” and you said you “were wrong”… well you are wrong, very, very wrong… you mentioned that you could open the phone with your eyes closed making it a snap to open the phone, then mentioned, “however“ there are some concerns… then you go on to state that it is a feature as if it could not be toggled on and off so I’m assuming it cannot! On the iPhone 11 you can turn this feature on and off at will so it’s basically use at your own risk… with that being said that phone can’t touch this one!!! In the iPhone 11 it does have an option under Face ID called “attention”. you’ve shared a lot of useful information but you certainly missed the mark on that one!

  6. Nits aren't linear, the iPhone isn't almost double the brightness of the pixel 4 more is the note almost triple the brightness but unfortunately the pixel 4 does have a low brightness and it's done purposely :/..

  7. If you like lots of warm yellow in photos go iPhone. Drives me crazy how many photos have a strong yellow cast on my 11 pro max. Also my battery lasts from 7:30am to 12 am with 6 hours of screen on and 1.75 of off screen. It’s not lasting me much if any more then my xs max.

  8. 8:49 the sky in its infinite existence is never that violet blue like it is on the the iPhone, you can certainly say that you prefer that look but that is by no means realistic go outside look at the sky, it always a very light blue not what ever color phones give it in most cases and certainly not the blue violet color the iphone always gives it.

  9. I like the round icons..hope Apple changes them sometime in this lifetime 🤔

  10. It feels good in the hand – "ladies, you know the procedures"

  11. Do you live in the Area where you took the pictures? I don't wanna expose your location but I live near there!

  12. I think you forgot to turn on night sight on the pixel for night shots. The iPhone automatically enables the night mode, but the pixel doesn't. My results for nightsight on my P4 are wayyyy better than yours.

  13. I have the Pixel 4xl, IPhone 11 Pro Max, and a one plus 7t. And I used the S10 5G (basically just an s10 plus with bigger screen and battery). I got rid of the S10 because I HATED it. Cameras were…ok. Video stability was glitchy and I hate the oneUi software. The face unlock was silly and fingerprint reader didn’t work for Shit. I don’t get how people like the galaxy outside of its shiny and has a bunch of stuff. Not useful… just stuff. The Oneplus is great for the price. I’d recommend it to anyone really. However, the pixel to me always stays my main phone. The software and photos, I force the screen at 90 and shortened the animations. It’s so smooth and nice to use and the google services just make life easier. I usually swap the iPhone and one plus out as my business phone. I personally like the pixel better than all of them. I rarely ever see the need for an ultra wide so it doesn’t bug me. The video is fine since everything gets compressed anyway for the average person. And I get 5-6 hours of screen on time with Bluetooth running all the time and forced 90hz. I get through the day without an issue or ever touching the charger. iPhone battery is better but I charge at night regardless sooooo, yeah. Idk the pixel just makes life easier and I enjoy using it more than any other phone I’ve owned or used this year.

  14. I got yesterday pixel XL from EE on 24 months contracts. I AM paying 32.50 GBP every month. In total I will pay 780 GBP that includes 4 GB data and unlimited minutes from EE. In top of this I can claim Chromebook from Google. If I had to go with iPhone pro max the price would be at least 60 GBP. Does it worth for better battery and wide angle lense? These two things only I see downside on pixel otherwise this is the best phone of 2019

  15. Watching video on YouTube will give you a better experience on the Pixel due to YouTube's lack of support for HEVC (H.265).

    Google is pushing their vp9 codec standard and won't support H.265 (which vp9 pretty much ripped off to avoid paying royalties – kinda like Dalvek and SUN's mobile java).

  16. If it drops to 60 Hz at a lower brightness, how it's that a drain on the battery? I don't think that what you're saying is true.

  17. I appreciate you pointing out how simple Motion Sense is and how it will only get better in time!

    Great overall review and comparison! It will be interesting to see what Google's Pixel line evolves into after 10 phones for sure.

  18. I’m sorry but every video I’ve seen of this pixel 4 everyone just keeps failing to get that hands gestures to work.. with improvements or not can we all just agree that this technology is just a big gimmick and flop! Is a shame cause they gave this phone that huge forehead for the technology inside not to work as hoped instead they could had given this phone a really nice full screen🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Saying that the iPhone 11 Pro gets to up 800nits while the Note 10 does 1300 nits is a highly misleading comparison. The Note 10 only reaches 1300 nits when a tiny part of the screen is lit up (this is a useful metric for peak HDR brightness), while the iPhone's 800 nits is your typical full screen brightness. As measured by DisplayMate, the iPhone 11 Pro can reach 1,290 nits peak HDR brightness, which is basically on par with the Note 10.

  20. "Playing games, watching videos … just feels buttery smooth." Most mobile games do not run at uncapped framerates. Just because the phone is in 90hz does not mean every game is going to magically run at 90fps. Many games will be capped at 60fps or even 30fps. Even if a game supports 90fps, there is also a huge performance concern whether the GPU is powerful to maintain 90fps (the game would be stuttery if it can't; you'd be better off run at a consistent 60fps). As for videos, basically all movies and TV shows are 23.976fps, and having a 90hz screen will provide zero benefits. YouTube also does not support videos higher than 60fps, so pretty much unless you're watching your own self-made videos that are >60fps, the 90hz screen will not provide any benefits.

  21. Hey Brandon iPhone xs max
    1.Didn't have a ultra wide Len
    2.Didn't have two days battery(apple battery case required)
    3.Didn't have a fast wired charger include(5 watt )
    4.Starting price of $1100 64gb
    5. Yes face id can be turned on your phone with your eyes closed if you want its a toggle (tell the truth)
    6. ECT……
    But you still recommend it because of iOS it's the same for the Pixel I recommend it for stock Android users.

  22. I have the 11 pro max and coming from the 6s+ and GS8+ its a lot of things i really missed, battery life really is amazing I only end up charging once or twice a day and i'm good

  23. I have a Iphone XR and love the battery life but I did use to have a Pixel 2 and 3xl. The Iphone are always over saturated and have a yellowish hue, if you take a photo with a white background for some reason it makes it yellowish even with the new 11's. I've always preferred the pixel photo's since they're more true colors. I love my XR like I said but it's user preference when it comes to photo's, you either like the Iphone for warmer colors or the pixel for softer natural.

  24. I'd catch the battery life, wide angle lens and video quality and throw the rest of the iphone away.
    I really hate how iphone pictures have less detail and a weird yellowish tint…just few seem to me better tha Pixel 4 samples. Furthermore I prefer google assistsant, android, usb-C…and I definately hate the notch.
    I'll probably go for a Pixel 4 XL in a couple of months.

  25. Literally all phones are just feeding off each other when it comes to design! Its just a terrible trend

  26. In my opinion it’s really annoying to hear “this is better than the…” both phones looks good in my opinion so to compare and the way he phrases his idk, it slightly annoys me. I LOVE Apple but the google pixel looks good as hell too so😍🤷🏽‍♂️

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