Lexus multimedia 2015: How to update your Lexus Navigation maps

This short instructional video explains how to update your Lexus Navigation system to use the latest maps.

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  1. I got mine updated for FREE , it now goes black screen or crashes when you need it most. Recall made it far worse.

  2. why should we pay for it when Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are free and FAR FAR superior in every way???

  3. Lexus has one of the worst navigation systems in the market, if not at all!

    Portions of system is under GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, and "other people". So why it's heck pricey?!

    Beside, maps and menus aren't that smooth compared to free softwares.

  4. Our 2010 ES350 nav screen only shows roads 1-3 blocks ahead, not nearly enough advance notice to get into the correct lane. Is there an upgrade to a more helpful system?

  5. Pricks, Yota/Lexus STILL hasn't updated the friggin buggy infotainment system in my 2016 NX. Should of bought a BMW again…

  6. Is this only available for UK? We are in USA with 2013 Lexus CT200H that needs map update?

  7. why the hell do people need to pay for a map update … that is so 1990's

    i guess that's why we have our phones

  8. Hi,
    I have a 2014 GX 460. I bought it in the US and I have shipped it to Nigeria. I noticed the navigator only covers US, Canada & Mexico. Is there a way I can upgrade it to cover Nigeria

  9. Hi,
    I have an RX270 which I bought here in Taiwan 4 years ago. The original navi software unfortunately does not offer the option to switch to an English interface. Only Chinese and I think Japanese. Is there a software update available that would allow me to convert it to English but still have current local Taiwan maps? I love this car but really hate the language barrier. 🙁


  10. how i update my Lexus Navigation??? (normal model not Premium!)

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