Let's Build a Room Database App Part 1 | Android Architecture Components Tutorial

Curious about how to build an App which uses Room Persistence Library, ViewModel, and LiveData, within the Context of a Model-View-ViewModel style Software Architecture?

In this Video, I outline the project we’ll be building in the next Video, and discuss the Architecture and APIs which we’ll use to get the job done.

Source Code:





  1. Amazing explanation!!!!!!thanks for the effort…its very very useful for beginners

  2. Hello Sir,

    Thanks For this great work,

    Pls i have an issue with my code,

    Room is not updating when ever i enter new data though it fetch data from server and the data fetch from server only updated once and then its not updating.

    what am i doing worng??

  3. When you say you like to keep a 1:1 ratio with activities/fragments what exactly do you mean? What if you have tabs with multiple fragments in 1 activity? This may sound like a silly question or I may have misunderstood what you meant, so please excuse my ignorance

  4. Dude, I'm on my last steps for a job process. I'm looking at persistence so I'm looking into Room. When I finally get a job, I have a long list of people I wish to show my appreciation to. I already keep some of your lists on loop while out of the house but I know that's not enough.

    When I finally get that job, I'll get you a coffee man.

    But first things first…. Wiggle your big toe.

  5. hey thanks for your continued support I have learned alot from your channel and now my github repository is realy awesome always greatful

  6. You make really good tutorials in my opinion and until now you are the only one who really talked about the actual software engineering of an application. I would like it if you used something like draw.io for your diagrams to make them more readable. Great job good luck.

  7. Can you please show a tutorial for pagination using pagination library from the architectural component.

  8. Create Mvvm example in Android pls wise ass 🙂 how it's beneficial than MVP. ? Exact difference between Mvvm and data binding?

  9. Great explanation! you should setup a bitcoin address somewhere in order for people to contribute

  10. Good explanation! Thanks. What if I want to access LiveData inside ViewModel from another Fragment of another Activity? I'm trying to get that ViewModel but it looks like I'm getting another instance with an empty data.

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