Lenovo Smart Tab P10 Review: An affordable 2-in-1

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Admit it: if you have a tablet, it probably goes unused most of the time. And when you do finally pick it up, it’s probably out of power because you forgot to charge it. The Lenovo Smart Tab is a potential solution to this dilemma. That’s because it’s a 2-in-1 device that’s an Android tablet on its own, but transforms into an Echo Show clone when inserted into a Bluetooth speaker dock. This way, even when it’s not being used as a tablet,…


  1. Got the cheaper one its is so underpowered it is like a 2012 android phone so slow.
    The dock has so many bugs, Alexa does not connect to the bluetooth dock automatically.
    Also using bluetooth headphones is a pain.
    Also I installed a 128GB card and it thinks its a 256GB card that has 120GB space left on it, after android installed some files.

  2. i can't understand a lot of your words, maybe do the review in own language.. "feature" "featge"?

  3. Can you disable Alexa mode? I like this but don't want the Alexa feature in my house.

  4. Ppl in this world of luxury are always complain bout the stuff that's not in the software.

    Ppl in Africa are surviving each and everyday count ur blessings.

  5. Great video, I was gonna get this tablet but too many negative comments about it..I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

  6. Thank you. I'm looking to replace my beloved and well used Pixel C tablet. It no longer holds a charge and Google no longer updates with security patches. 👿
    I don't play many games other than solitaire but I do use apps such as Duolingo and Facebook.
    How well does this Lenovo handle an app such as Duolingo? Is it frustratingly slow?
    Does it run the latest version of Android?
    Does it use a type c charger cord as an alternative to the dock?

  7. Terrible review, smarten up.
    Never say "OK Google" in a video, you trigger people's devices when they watch this.

  8. Stop integrating all these voice assistants in everything! Google and amazon are the number one data collectors in the world, and now you're also giving them even easier access to record everything I say?

  9. the fact that theres two 'assistants' depending on whether it's docked or not is weird and confusing. I'm trying to buy a simple but effective tablet for my mother. Is there a similar tablet but with a more cohesive experience? ty

  10. A real deal breaker for me is if it supports the apple music Alexa skill. Anyone with one of these who could tell me if this supports it would be appreciated

  11. 1:011:17 There’s nothing confusing in the Google assistant and Alexa. They operate in different modes. Just get used to the different modes. Sort of like, with your car, if you put your gear in reverse and press the accelerator the car moves backwards and when you put it in forward gear and press the same accelerator it moves forward. Nothing confusing there about pressing the same pedal and getting different results. You just have to know how a device works and use it that way.
    People just want to complain about everything.

  12. Why Alexa?? Google please build a 2019 spec'd tab with similar dock, video calls, Home integration… Apple is sleeping, that's okay but Where are your developers? -.-'

  13. Oh no … Looks like I'm not buying this … Can't take not being able to easily take pics for my Instagram

  14. Great device, awesome idea, almost perfect, just disable Alexa and you get the best Android tablet for less than 200 USD, no complain besides glossy back, don't forget the speaker, great deal hands down

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