koryolink Arirang AS1201 (North Korea's Smartphone) – Review

– Report article

The Arirang AS1201, it was sold by CHEO Technology JV Company d/b/a “koryolink” and Korea Posts and Telecommunications Corporation d/b/a “KANGSONG NET” in DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KOREA.


  1. Wait where the fuck did they get permissions to download angrybirds? Like thats gotta be pirate version or smth. Angry birds is a Finnish game made by Rovio, so there is no way they would get permissions to use the game for their phones.

  2. There's many brand new smartphones in North Korea by various local brands… And all of them are like all new smartphones in 2019, they have 5 milion users of their 3G network

  3. even that phone is way better than the one i use day-to-day :/

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