Kodi For Beginners 2019 (Complete Install & Setup For Android Phones & Tablets)

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From A to Z, this brief video explains how…


  1. Also can you look up addons and install some on your own if there are new ones?

  2. Deven you have a email address and also this is for 2019 and 2020 build

  3. Download and working great on my android… but how can I cast to my tv?

  4. My boyfriend is angry with me now that I've installed this. I think I've gotten myself into trouble. (He is as abusive as a woman)

  5. Would this work in the UK and can you cast what you are you watching on your smartphone to a smartTv ?

  6. Got it all set up but when I choose a film from the list of links it loads but then nothing happens, am I missing something?

  7. Hi, i am having issues installing the build, is it the internet connection? Always error after choosing standard install

  8. I tried to install it and every time I open kodi it just black screens.

  9. This is the second time I’ve tried to install Kodi in my PC and it just doesn’t work. It’s all installed and I can see menus, but NONE of the videos will play. You just select different servers and different sources and none of them play anything. What am I doing wrong?? (I have nord vpn. )

  10. Everything downloaded fine but nothing happens when I try to watch a program. Just freezes on the screen. So I decided to uninstall to save memory. Too bad since it sounded like a good thing.

  11. Hi! I need help I am having a problem with kodi… when I click on a series instead of showing me the episodes or seasons, it shows me files, playists and video add-ons. Help please

  12. When I get to the standard install part and it installs for sometime then it quits… Please why

  13. ive been tryiung to play toy story 4 with this stupid kodi app and no matter what build i use it doesnt work. ive just wasted a whole day trying to play one movie. a complete waste of time this app is. unbelievable.

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