KODI 17.1 NO JAILBREAK !!! – COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE 2017!! FOR ANDROID SMART TV BOX DEVICES !! In this video i have explain how you can …


  1. Hi Naresh,
    A little help please… everytime I add source, its always says "Couldnt retieve directory information.This could be due to the network. " But ive cheked the network connection and its all fine, dont know what to do…Could you please help me on this please? Thank you

  2. I Could Not Launch My first file Sir, To Even Get The Movies I Renamed It, And Did not get the option to choose a Language Preference. Is There Anyway I Took a Wrong Turn?

  3. Neither the fusion file nor the exodus file are working at this point. What to do, what to do? Who has updated files

  4. I keep getting Exodus failed to install on my t95m box. Would you help?

  5. Hello Naresh Lal, i did everything correctly and it said i was unable to connect. So I am not enjoying my Android TV box (EXW PRO 4K. Please help, sandadime@yahoo.com Thank you in advance, SAN

  6. after i name the fusion and click ok it says unable to connect couldnt reterive directory information..this could be due to network not being connected…and i am connected

  7. can you please help me, i tried to dwl the app via google play and the other way you showed me which was through web browser it keeps saying 'app not installed' whats wrong with this?

  8. I get certificate installer has stopped when I try to install.. Any idea please.. I have no Kodi now lol…

  9. Help please I got all the way to install from zip file and click fusion. It wont click and the ok wont highlight the only thing highlighted is cancel 🙁

  10. Is there anyway that I can email you? I have questions, I'm stuck on a certain part of the tutorial.

  11. Hey I've got the Amazon Trongle and I can't install the magic add on it's just saying it fails can you help please ☺️

  12. Downloaded everything as you said and when I open Kodi , I get a couple of notes of music , then it closes and goes to home screen. Kodi will not launch.😩😩😩

  13. i just did this one . how do i watch live sports or games that our a day or some days old is this possible? plz help

  14. I'm thinking about buying fire stick but I'm curious to know about buying a fire stick? There's no signing up to join any subscription of paying a 1 time fee or something.. I just don't understand how does fire stick work..? I have dish network & thinking bout canceling cable tv for netflixs when I've been stuck off of it since January 2017

  15. Hello, Naresh I have ANDROID mxq 4.4.2 box but I could not upgrade kodi 17.1 in my box.

  16. Hi Naresh
    Solidstreamz doesn't have the Hindi section anymore. Please update a new link when you can. Thanks

  17. Naresh,
    Thank you !! Thank you. !! It appears you saw my comments to you recently as of yesterday April 7th, and quickly responded. You dont know how much this means to me a novice. You anticipated that there are countless people like me beginners, and you rose to the challenge and occasion. Kudos to you !! Would be nice if there are any updates that you may want to offer they be labelled for "Beginners of Android devices" I really appreciate the time and effort you take to explain step by step how to do the set up.. Would be nice to hear back from you since you said you answer every comment.Thanks again from all of us Begginers.

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