KidiBuzz Blue and Pink from VTech

The next best thing to an iPhone for kids. Powerful, versatile handheld device designed for kids ages 4 and up gives them the full handheld experience with content that’s appropriate for them. Text, voice message, play games and much more. Plus, they’ll feel really grown up, and you can have your own phone back! Check it out in this video! For full review and shopping info►



  1. I had a computer it was a toy one with text youtube and games it's lost I wish I had one of that

  2. Kids in high school after Christmas. Hey look my mum got me and iPhone 11pro . 👁 👄 👁 o well I got a vetch kidibuzz

  3. I bought one for my son in Amsterdam but I want to change the language from Nederlandse to English… Please help

  4. Are you able to play the preloaded games without Wi-Fi? If you dont have Wi-Fi all the time is this worth having?

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