Kia Sportage Tutorial – How to Use Apple CarPlay

In this video, we’ll walk you through all of the features on steps needed to get the most out of your Kia Sportage Apple CarPlay system. If you’re in Central Florida and need additional in person help with your system, one of our certified Kia technicians will be happy to assist you. Visit to setup your appointment today. Thanks for watching, and be sure to hit like and subscribe for more Kia videos! »»» VIEW MORE »»»

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  1. I’ve kia Sportage 2017 , When press Setting then connectivity it appears just android car play , what would I do to get apple car play .

  2. my kia doesnt have the voice command button nor the system isnt same

  3. My Kia doesn’t have a ‘voice command button’ on the steering wheel, only a ‘mute’ button, can I still use Siri?

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