KENWOOD Wireless Mirroring for Android Devices (Screen Mirroring)

NOW AVAILABLE on DNX996XR & DDX9906XR! This product information video demonstrates how to use the Wireless Mirroring source for Android devices on a compatible KENWOOD multimedia receiver.


  1. **update** screen mirroring is now working on my s10 plus. New android update came out today. I was almost positive it wasn't gonna work after the last 2 updates did not resolve the issue. It works flawlessly as of today 4/8/20. Pretty neat feature

  2. Is there a reason i can't get my galaxy s10 to work with screen mirroring?

  3. my wifi turns off when not in Android Auto mode and it does not allow me to do wireless mirroring on my Google Pixel 2 XL

  4. How do I mirror to dmx906s with Android s9+ it's not connecting to my phone under smart view??

  5. I just got my Kenwood DMX970s and I cant do the wireless mirroring I tried to use smart view. I have no other settings. Help please!

  6. I worked really hard to finally get my DDX8906S and Samsung S10 to work for mirroring only to find out this doesn't work unless your car is Parked. What good is that? My phone screen is nearly as big as the head unit view screen, I can't think of any reason I would need to mirror my phone while only in Park instead of just using my phone (maybe if my phone screen was cracked or something). If you can't use this for GPS then I honestly do not understand why this is even offered, it's like saying you can't answer your phone, use your Radio or A/C either unless the car is in Park….it just makes absolutely no sense at all. Now I have to pay my installer again to either remove this unit completely and return it back to the store or do this bypass wiring others are talking about. There's no common sense with this setup.

  7. Is it still possible to do this with the DDX9906XR now that Android has dropped Miracast integration for Chromecast? Wondering if it's possible to get the head unit to work with Chromecast.

  8. EDIT: As of 4/14/20 Samsung (AT&T) has pushed out their UI 2.1 update and has fixed this issue!


  9. When wireless mirroring is on, can you remove the time overlay shown in the upper right hand corner?

  10. I wish I would have read these comment before I dropped $800!!! Bullshit! Not working with my s10 plus. This is the only freaking reason I got this unit!!!! My phone will not work… should have gone with a $400 android head unit! Kenwood really needs to get their shit together, or warn potential customers. $800 ain't cheap!

  11. I have the Excelon DMX906S, I can't screen mirror with my Pixel 3, is there something that I am missing?

  12. S10 worked great…after update it don't work…kids loved watching cartoons…I want to set phone back to previous version…that's why I hate to update when it working just fine…

  13. Does the DNX9905s or DDX9905s have this feature? If not, how would I be able to watch video from my phone on the screen? Thanks.

  14. Is there anyway to get the DMX 7706s to display YouTube, Netflix or any sort of screen mirroring. I have a galaxy S9+

  15. Hi there, if i wanted to mirror a GPS app like waze, would it be possible to feed the handbrake wire a switched 12v so the Kenwood 'thinks' that the handbrake is on? Thx

  16. Why, when I go to spec's on the dmx706s, it tells me it does have smart phone mirroring?

  17. after reading these comments, I can now see why apple hasn't integrated this feature yet.

  18. They are crazy, they didn't update their Kenwood Smartphone Control to work with Samsung S10 with the latest software.

  19. Yeah those are the only good 30 seconds after which the stream lags & in most cases the connection drops. Fed up with it

  20. Can I get an updated list of what headunits support wireless screen mirroring setup like this? I understand your pushing the 9906x but uninterested in the 9905s and dmx905. Kenwood site incompatibility list is 2015. And I see in excelon section atleast 4 other headunits are listed as wireless android screen mirroring in features.

  21. I can report success with an Android phone here in Australia. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and I just had a Kenwood DMX8019DABS installed in the car today. I had been trying for hours unsuccessfully to get the wireless mirroring to work. Downloading both kenwood apps ("smartphone control" and "mirroring for kenwood") had no effect, nor did (on the phone) settings>connections>more connection settings>Mirrorlink (as this seems to require USB connection). A search for "mirror" turned up no other options in the phone. It wasn't until I hit on this video and saw them use a native function in the top level, swipe down settings menu, that I scoured my own menu for something that might work and saw "Smart View". I tapped that, the kenwood appeared in the list and literally 2 seconds later I had complete control of the entire phone via the touchscreen on the kenwood, including all apps. It does bring home the fact that these phones have far superior screen res than the car units as it's hard to read the screen when the phone is in portrait mode, but when you rotate the phone to landscape, the kenwood mirrors and everything becomes much clearer. Hope that helps someone.

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