Joy&Ride Android home screen

It’s Android Home Screen application designed for more pleasant user experience when like rollercoaster riding by using touch wheel UI. The application was developed by using FXUI-3D technology and demonstrated on Google Nexus One, ensuing high performance with GL acceleration.


  1. i wish i knew, a lot of people is showing a lot of good home screen replacement, but nobody know whow to get it download or buy it 🙁

  2. how can we buy this app??? is there a website??? i see a lot of nice home screen coming up for android the only big problem is that, you can only see them on youtube.
    mobile shell 5 is amezing, TAT loods alsome, this one is on of the best but we can never buy it or find it anyware….
    sometimes i think they don't want to make money becouse is so many people trying to get it but it can find it .
    let me know if this one can be found anyware.

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