JL Collins: "The Simple Path to Wealth" | Talks at Google

Author and financial blogger JL Collins brings his refreshingly unique and approachable take on investing to Google.

The author of “The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life”, JL offers easy-to-understand, effective tips and resources to understand investing with confidence.

In this interview with Googler Rachel Smith, JL Collins discusses money and investing, including: how to think about money and investing to build wealth, how to avoid…


  1. Great interview, Thanks JL Collins. Appreciate your insightful and unbiased comments.

  2. His advice on renting over buying im sure differs from city to city.. It might be cheaper to rent than own in new york city or other big cities im not sure… Where i live its almost always cheaper and a smarter decision to buy than rent. Mortgages are much cheaper.

  3. When he references "The Gambler" with John Goodman It occurred to me the way he talks is very similar to John Goodman!

  4. I’ve been in Index Fund since my first investment in 2016, before i even knew who JL Collins are, and since i read up about him and im glad i am in the same boat as he does. Index is all you ever need, with a bit of diversification on Bond Index and International Emerging Index.

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  6. This guy is clearly sponsored by Vanguard. Why does he keep on recommending Vanguard ETFs? There is literally NO difference between a Vanguard S&P 500 ETF and another provider’s S&P 500 ETF that has the same fee. And that just strips him of all credibility for me. Plus what he is saying is utterly basic in terms of investing.

  7. sir? what about other country index such as FTSE and DAX? not too good… why this rule should only apply to USA index?

  8. "time in the market is more powerful than timing the market"….a good quote

  9. Much gratitude and respect to JL Collins. He has helped me so much! I came across his blog for the first time at age 41. I had no idea about index investing and always thought I needed a manager. Fast forward two years later, I saved up to invest in VTSAX, contribute regularly and transferred my Roth and traditional IRA to Vanguard as well. Thank you, Mr. Collins, for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience. You have changed more lives than you know!

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  11. Vanguard S&P 500 90% physical gold 10%. 10 year with the same plan and I am proof that it works extremely well.

  12. The problem with saying "Indexing gives active pickers an opportunity to beat the market" is it avoids understanding the consequences of Indexing. Yes cool, let's agree active pickers beat the market. But meanwhile, stocks will go up, always, no matter what. Company earnings don't matter. Supply chain doesn't matter. You have 25% of the market investing periodically, automatically. No matter what.

  13. Saying indexing "only accounts for 25% of the market" is really shortsighted considering it went from 0 to 25 in the last decade. No offence, of course.

  14. Investing is the only solution to financial freedom. Facts! Most educated people hires experts on this particular field for advise, Investing with an expert doesn’t just change your financial experience but it helps you get more exposure to easy cash growth!

  15. Disagree with him on international. While you are invested globally by buying American companies, you are still exposed jurisdiction risk. By that I mean, American companies are subject to US Tax, Law, Policy etc. By buying international you diversify some of this away. You are exposed to different jurisdictions which is a good thing. Agree with him on pretty much everything else.

  16. Buying VTSAX isn't home country bias as it's 99% US stocks? Shouldn't be a World stock market instead?

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  18. JL Collins should narrate audiobooks. But I take issue with his investing advice.

    VTSAX isn't bad, but there are better options. I get the impression neither Collins nor his groupies have done the slightest bit of research on this subject. It's pure herding behavior. Small and mid cap stocks tend to outperform large cap over time, but VTSAX is extremely top heavy with only 5% small and 15% mid.

    Over the last 20 years, 50/50 in VIIIX and VIEIX has outperformed VTSAX. An equal three-way split among VIIIX, VISMX/VCIMX and VSMAX/NAESX (large cap, mid cap and small cap) has outperformed VTSAX. Run the data on PortfolioVisualizer dot com.

  19. Something important that I haven't heard him talk about is the fact that if people are scared to invest, think about 20 or 30 years from now: If the market is sitting well above what it is now, then we are "low" from that point in the future to this point. However, if the market crashes and stays down, then we are at a high. However, since the opening of the market, it have never NOT recovered, which then leads to an even higher rate than it was. Additionally, there was only one point in history that was bad news for people's investments for anywhere between 10-30 years. Other than that, this is probably the most solid advice on investing!

  20. Once this started I thought… This dude looks and sounds like John Goodman.. Come to find out he talks about him. LOL

  21. Still this home bias around us market. If it worked in the past doesnt mean it will work forever.

  22. JL Collins: "I don't like dollar cost averaging"

    Also JL Collins: "when the market drops you should celebrate because the 1,000 or $10K or whatever you are putting in this month is on sale and I'm getting more shares than I would have otherwise"

    That exactly describes what dollar cost averaging is and why it is recommended.

  23. Hello JLC,
    You are doing a great job in helping so many like me who are novices in investing. Your talk at Google and blogs are convincing me everyday to buy and invest in total stock market index fund. I'm a little late into the game however, I'm 38 and haven't invested in any so far.

    Couple of questions: is it good idea to invest lump sum say like 50k now into total stock index fund and plan to leave it untouched for say 10 years?

    If I keep adding to the pot, would compound interest math still work in multiplying funds over the years? I think if I withdraw any funds from the index fund I'd get hit with penalty…

    Thanks again!

  24. great book / great content
    listened to the audio a few times.
    is there any similar books / webinars for Uk audience ?
    thanks in advance

  25. Biggest mistakes when investing
    1. Pick stocks
    2. Pick active investors
    3. Try to time the market, no one knows or can predict it

    Index funds are great
    Don't touch it

    Lose up gains not avoid losses
    Delay risks
    The best time to invest is yesterday and the next time is today

    Key takeaways
    1. Educate yourself
    2. Accept the fact the market is volatile, don't panic, stay the course

    Wealth accumulation vs preservation is cyclical
    Mitigate volatility
    Put money into the market
    VTSX, add during downtime
    Add bonds during the down times

    Financial advisers
    Everyone buys into the idea
    Buy and hold
    Market will buy everything via index funds

    Divesify via Global markets, commodities or bonds

    Emotion less investment
    GM General motors
    Better ways to do it and no government intervention

    Target retirement mutual funds or allocation on your own

    Hands off investment
    Aggressive- go out
    Conservative- go in

    Cheaper to do the allocation your self

    Advisers interests not aligned with your own

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