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This Edureka Java tutorial video will help you to prepare yourself for Java Interviews ( Java Interview Questions Blog: ). Learn about the most important Java interview questions and answers and know what will set you apart in the interview process.
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This tutorial covers Java Interview Questions on:
4:08 Basic Java Questions
38:51 OOPS…


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  2. Great great work by ishant..🙌🙌🙌. Good job guys. It’s big help for fresher and java community…Thanks

  3. Awesome stuff! I never subscribe to any channel but this made me subscribe yours. Great work guys. Thanks a lot

  4. Can't describe in words how good this tutorial is.thank you so much for the effort

  5. Thank you so much, edureka! for uploading this video. This is so helpful for interview preparations. All the other videos breaking down the basic concepts of Java were also excellent.

  6. This session was too good and helpful…
    Thank you very much for this effort this really means a lot to us n i really enjoyed n learned things more clearly…

  7. While explaining that Strings are not mutable, why the compiler didn't throw any error when you tried to concatenate it with str.concatenate("hi… ") ???

  8. Great work done here guys, Can you also please make a video/videos for common coding interview questions and how to go about them topicwise

  9. Can we please get the presentation slides of this video, it would be really helpful to revise these super awesome concepts.

  10. Thanks a lot,I'm interviewing at Oracle & Vodafone as a Junior Java developer this video was an awesome refresher. 😀

  11. In abstract class, how to call non abstract method from child class if abstract class doesn't allow us to create object?

  12. Very interesting edureka blog.. I understood alot which i don't know.. Thank you team..

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