It's The Best Selling Smartphone On Amazon… But Why?

So this is the best selling smartphone on Amazon currently.
Blu Vivo XL4 (USA Link) –
Blu Vivo XL4 (International) –


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  1. It's probably the first cheap smartphone that pops up. Older people don't care about specs n shit. There's a lot of phones like this on there. Like hundreds or seems like.

  2. I loved my LG v30 because of that fingerprint scanner/ power button combo in the middle of the phone. I got a wired headset with my s10 plus. And the bt ones.

  3. Hey Unbox Therapy May You Please Review the Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus (the one with the popping camera) I just wanna hear your opinion. Thank You😁

  4. 4:16 some phones after they start up (like androids) lag when they start. That is what my cousins Alcatel phone did.

  5. It looks like an iPhone on the front. Until you start using it.

    That’s a pretty cool camera, though 🙂

  6. The umidigi power 3 or the f2 is way better than this phone and has all the radios even the b12, b66 and b71 radios 150-200 bucks Android 10

  7. $150 phone:
    Headphone jack, two cases, screen protector
    $1000 phone:
    fuck you

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