Is This The Next BIG MOBILE GAME OF 2020?

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  1. Just another hearthstone, not a game genre I enjoy but still enjoy watching the content

  2. Im not huge on mobile card games, just doesnt hook me, but I enjoyed your coverage of it. Hope you're having fun playing and that we can see more of your coverage of it!

  3. I literally only clicked on this to ask how long before micro puts out a quit whatever this game is video. It's a he does

  4. Appreciate you trying new games, especially when it feels like there's a million mobile games out there

  5. This game looks really interesting, but I feel like if I play this, I may as well go back to magic the gathering or hearthstone. Does marvel have a card game?

  6. The next big mobile game of 2020 has already been out. Its called arknights

  7. Therefore there is Shadowverse…. Exist…as original base of what heartstones copied… Else is just copies

  8. Where has this youtuber been all my life tho? Legit I been on raid for some time now and I literally downloaded this game on release. Watching you through this quarantine is gonna be a blast

  9. Eh, don't like the art, i am a man of culture i don't play games without sexy waifus.

  10. Clickbaiting and withold information is not cool bro. I love ya but you are using these cheap tricks way often and it is kinda irritating. Your content is already good so please don't use these "tactics" this often

  11. Im really bored of raid have you tried afk arena? I find it more fun than raid but im free to play so raid is just really unappealing now ive never pulled a good epic and 0 legendary

  12. Damn I played LoL for so long since 2010 october,and TFT when it came out also,I'm also playing RSL for like december of 2018 so I hope I can play this also and still be part of this community and watch your videos about it as well as I'm watching them for Raid

  13. As someone who played LoL for some time and is a big MTG fan, this is great news! Looks really cool

  14. Got it now. Will give it a good go. LOL player of a long time. You great man. Thank you. Keep you assume content coming.

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