Is Rooting Your Android Still Worth It?

Nowadays, with almost every smartphone already providing plenty of features, customizations, great battery life, and amazing performance, rooting has become less popular. So today I’ll be answering the famous question, “Is rooting your smartphone still worth it?” Enjoy!
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  1. of course its worth rooting… buy an international model phone, with an unlocked bootloader and your set…

  2. I am new in this. I am interested in rooting, but don't want to screw my phone. Pls help

  3. Then what happens if I Root my device just to use a pro mode in a certain app and after I use it I'll unroot my device.

  4. I went through 2 s8s trying to root my phone. They got bricked. I'm on s10. I know I'm not dumb enough to try and root snapdragon s10

  5. Surpass manufacturer limitations is a good reason. Samsung blocks devices from installing apps on SD cards claiming problems with performance can be created by this practice. But when you have a device with low ROM you don't have choice. This should be an option to the consumer, instead Samsung don't give you this freedom of choice. In this cases, root the the device for good. This was the case with my Galaxy Tab A 2016 with S Pen. Only 16gb is not enough to use this good and capable device.

  6. I remember when I rooted my device in order to cut people off my WiFi with net cut. Or to access other devices without them knowing

  7. Here in 2020 and yes. I still think rooting Android is worth it. My buddy gave me his old android the other day. Galaxy s4. Within 30 min I had root twrp and linage Android 8.0.0. Custom rom put on it. So here in 2020 I been using this s4 more then my iPhone 7 because because it performed like a brand new phone right out of the box. It can save old phones and make em better then new.

  8. Its definitely worth it cause you can play with your phone. Rooted phones are LIMITLESS 💯🔥🥶🥳🥳🥳

  9. Rooting don't void you warranty as most of the the time they restore the phone and don't even notices it is rooted.

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