iRig 2 – guitar interface for iPhone, Android and Mac

Watch me rock out on the iRig 2!

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  1. Hey guys, does anyone know how to convert the Mono AMP output at the top into a pair of stereo speakers? I want to listen to what im mixing while I DJ But its only coming out of 1 speaker. Im not using a mixer. Your help would be amazing thank you!

  2. Question? Can the guitar sounds come out of the phone or does it have to be plugged into an amp??

  3. what app i need to use ? im in playstore only available amplitube UA which is diff ver of this thing

  4. I cant get this thing to put the guitar sound on it record etc. I'm old so cut a Deadhead a break. Any suggestions on my fix. Got the Irig2, all the right cords, got the amplitube newest, deplike, and garage band apps and I can't get one to get sound at all let alone maneuver the app the right way. Taking responses go ahead laugh, make fun of the hippy.

  5. So i tried plugging it in but it has this earrape ringing noise that i can't figure out how to fix. Can anyone help? D;

  6. I bought one the other day and I’m using it on my iPhone with amplitude but it feeds back so bad even without volume, what am I doing wrong?

  7. Please Read:

    I recently got a Irig 1on my LG Android Phone that I am using with Tonebridge which really does have cool features, but I am experiencing bad popping noises when and im not playing.
    Do I need the I Rig 2 because im using a android phone?
    How to get the popping noise away?

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