iPhone Xs User Review – Life After Android

The iPhone Xs has been with us for over 60 days now and its time for a REAL review after switching from Android. How does it stack up versus Android smartphones and the original iPhone X? There are some problems but also some benefits too.

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  1. If your iPhone keep shutting down of its own do a hard reset, hope it would works with your cellphone too

  2. I use XS 256 Gb and I come from note 8 it’s super fast from Samsung. Not comparable. It do freeze a lot of time but it’s tremendously fast. Price, it’s over priced. Still in love with it

  3. Am I the only person that wants to protect there phone after buying with a case and screen protector. Updates from IOS and apps, after a year has been amazing. As for connectivity it has improved.

  4. I too encounter bugs on my iphone xr and connectivity issues in LTE.😒
    My signal bar is only at 2.

  5. This dude is hating on the iphone xs, its a phone first & foremost it can txt & browse the web, it does not give reach-arounds, but @ the price point it should come with a 3 month iReach-service

  6. Damn, I can't believe you had those issues. I expect those kinds of problems with Android, but Apple usually releases a pretty polished product.

  7. going from one plus one to iphone 8 i might move to used iphone x just due to lte wifi issues

  8. After iOS 12.1.4 update, my Siri got faster than before. Now it feels snappy

  9. Happy with almost 6 hours Screen-On time on brand new 1000$ iPhone. While I get 9+ hours on my 200€ Honor 6X from 2016. Astonishing job Apple 🔥

  10. I’ve had my iPhone XS for just over a week now and I’m absolutely loving it! I had the iPhone 8 Plus so it’s not a crazy speed bump but I love Face ID, so much more convenient than Touch ID, I love the screen and I think the notch adds character, the camera is amazing and a few people have commented on photos and videos that I’ve taken agreeing that it takes stunning photos/videos, battery life is about the same as my 8 plus which was very good (it’ll last a day of heavy use or 2 days of light use), love the smaller phone with larger screen, love the gesture controls especially how you can quickly switch between apps by swiping left and right along the bottom of the screen, speakers are awesome, so much bass and the 8 plus was no slouch either but this is definitely an upgrade and the stereo sounds a lot wider. This phone is just amazing and I’m glad I finally decided to get one. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford one.

  11. hello, after using android since 2011, I decided to try iPhone for the first time. While it is exciting to use iPhone, I lost many things I love in Android. The one thing I like about iPhone is the smoothness of animations and transition. but I like android keyboard better, because there are “.” and “,” buttons. I also missed poweramp app. And I hope I will find the equivalent on iOS someday. I guess, I am sticking to iPhone for now

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