iPhone XR Review: From Android to iOS

Last year I ran Android, this year I’m running iOS. In this review of the iPhone XR, I discuss some of the phone’s most controversial aspects, how they affect (or don’t) real life performance, and talk about the pros and cons of switching from Android to iOS. Or the other way around. Be free like me ✌️

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  1. Even if Tim Cook pooped on phones people still buy them 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Buy an iPhone after switching to Android is like moving back in your parents after you finish college

  3. I had android for most of my life then I switched last year it was so worth it iPhone. Is so much better I had the iPhone 6s and the 7 and then now I got the 11 and it’s amazing everyone should have an iPhone

  4. I've been an android user since ever and I always thought iPhones are overrated…until I got an iPhone.. And I even didn't get a flagship, I got the SE and have been using at for almost 3 years…

    I am upgrading to the XR in a few weeks and I am never getting an android EVER again, iOS is just better at everything

  5. Uhh … the original iPhone x’s “silver” is basically what you described haha. Or am I missing something?

  6. Androids are like PC's. Flashy and fast the first 2 months and then comes to a screeching halt and starts slowing down and lagging making it extremely difficult to enjoy. Apple is always snappy and fast their entire life. I had an 8 plus for 2 years and 5 months and its just as fast as day 1. No quality loss whatsoever.

  7. So…..I guess how it functions as a PHONE isn’t important to anybody but me anymore. It’s all notches and bezels and battery and colors and screens…OK battery and screen are pretty important. But I’ve lived in a cell phone shadow zone for years where I would get a one bar signal. Out of five bars. A huge issue to me: how is the phone’s reception. How well does it lock onto a signal and hold on to it without dropping the call.

  8. As you've said, yes the XR is not a small phone at all. It can't be used with single hand with ease. In general, the iPhone X, XS, and the 11pro are the perfectly sized iPhones available. They aren't very big, they aren't very small. They're just perfect.
    Even I miss the fact that we aren't getting any good small phones. Well we've seen mang android phones get bigger. But they aren't that wide that makes difficult to use single handedly. They're tall instead. But on contrary, XR is more wide than android counterparts that makes it difficult for single hand usage even though it isn't as tall as android devices.

  9. I like that your not a reviewer that’s one sided so he thinks it’s good or bad just because what brand they like better, you look at everything on both phones and answer truthfully after using 2 softwares

  10. I got my iPhone XR a yesterday in white 64gb and I’m loving it so much. It’s such a great phone!

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy s8+ and thinking about getting the iphone xr. The last iphone i had was the iPhone 5. Was thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy s20+ but it's $1,199 and the iphone xr is $600. Is switching from Samsung Galaxy s8+ to the iphone xr worth it?

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