iPhone XR Long-term Review: An Android user's perspective

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  1. "The notch is ugly"
    The same as the way you review and your face.
    I always watch unboxing and review from tech vlogger here in philippines and to be honest, yours is the worst review.
    Please practice more, idiots!

  2. Just got my white iPhone XR last Saturday, and I'm loving every bit of it!

  3. I have the xs max as my work phone but the xr as my personal or daily phone. The size of the xr is comfortable for me.

  4. You going to suggest that Apple might use your face for their own purposes when you say you own a Pixel? A phone made my an advertising company that sells everything you do on your phone to companies you haven't heard of….

  5. I swear most of the disadvantages are just iphone disadvantages not iphone xr ones

  6. I am watching on my Iphone xr, actually the phone is good . I don’t mind the lcd screen and i love the color variants.. if you don’t like the xr then don’t buy it.. and you are android user so be it. Don’t use ios devices..

  7. I trust Apple way more than I do Google. Your face sent to Apple is nothing compared to how invasive Google is on ad-droid. If you use Google photos, Google has everything about you, family, friends and even pets…oh and everything about every move you make. That's wether you give them permission or not. It's take regardless.

    Android is alright but IOS is a better and safer operating system. No comparison. My opinion. I used Android for years and painfully on one now for a couple of weeks. Missing my iPhone.

  8. dude you need to stick with Android if you hate iOS this much. save your time, save our time, as your bias towards Apple precludes you from 'letting go' and testing the product for what it is rather than what isnt. it's a very negative review, honestly.

  9. I use both Android and IOS and Android is not constant in different devices and a total mess with updates 😂 I say if you love one or the other why not just use it and be happy! Both piss me off sometimes 😂

  10. iTunes sucks…sorry, lol. You didn't have to apologise for that. It's just the truth. iTunes is terrible.

  11. The third-party keyboard applications you are using wrong. Take away the remaining keyboard applications and leave just Swiftkey. How many people need to have five keyboards enabled? Gboard and Swiftkey are great, and honestly aren't that much different than their Android counterparts.

  12. I went from a 6 to the XR and it’s just great! Also you okay brawl stars? Respect

  13. I felt it was a honest review and I’m a iPhone guy. I got the iPhone XS Max and love it.

  14. I'm both an Android and iPhone user.. But from my point of view.. Both OS are the same.. Apple has it's pretty colours, security and clear cameras.. while Android has everything you need.. I don't know but yeah😂

  15. Due to upgrade from a galaxy s7, torn between an iPhone XR an a galaxy s9. Anyone help/got any opinions on which I should go for?

  16. "The notch is ugly."

    To me the ugliest notch is definitely the one on Pixel 3 XL. Lmao

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