iPhone XR – First 12 Things To Do!

iPhone XR – First 12 Things To Do!

Did you just get an iPhone XR? Wondering what to do after the initial setup process? Well, this video is for you. Here are 12 settings to change and tips to consider with your new phone!

Save Battery Life on iPhone XR (20+ Tips):
iPhone XR Gestures Guide:
iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs XS Max vs iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus BATTERY TEST:

How to Set Up iPhone XR:…


  1. Going to but my new xr after this lockdown end …so excited ❤💥

  2. everyone says the XR is better and more of an upgrade. But the specs are better on the XS?? I have an iPhone 7 and wanted the XR, after research i now want the XS. But everyone says the XS isn't as good as the XR?

  3. I just ordered one, haven't gotten it yet. I have a iPhone 6, but from what I keep hearing about this phone, it's not that great. Idk.

  4. dude i literally have 0 $ right now but im gonna collect up money for this phone by summer wish me luck

  5. This was really helpful. Can you tell me where you got that computer stand that’s in the background? It’s really beautiful. Thanks.

  6. I can get the iPhone 11 next week or I can get the iPhone XR tomorrow should I wait 1 more week with my 7 plus?

  7. Hi Brandon, I’m going from a iPhone 8 Plus with a home button to the iPhone XR (this will be my first time usuing the iPhone XR) and my phone is supposed to come in tomrrow and I need to switch my sim and set my new phone up. Besides all the stuff you said in the video do you have any more Tricks or comments for me regarding the iPhone XR?

  8. Brorher Between XR and One plus 7T,which one will be a good value for my hard earned money,please give honest opinion

  9. Well i might tpget the iphone 13, but the thing is, i am getting a phone on my birthday, and speaking of that, it would be 2 months befoe the release of the iphone 13. I might get an iphone 13 pro idk or the pro max?

  10. me: learning what to do with an iphone XR-
    him: ok this is what you should do with your iphone 10R-

  11. first thing ur gonna wanna do with the brand-new XR u bought is lay it down then take out ur XS (that u already own) and compare the screens

    man is truly a visionary in content creation

  12. I have a question, if i buy a SIM card free phone, can i put my iPhone 6 SIM card in? will it still have my phone number on there? And how long do you have to pay for iCloud storage.

  13. You know what dude saying that if you are coming from a iPhone older than iPhone X you don’t know anything about Gesture control is bullshit when the X come out I went into a Verizon store pick up the x they had on display and work the phone like a pro without the sale person telling me how to do it

  14. Thanks! Very helpful when jumping from a 6s. Sent it to my parents – I'm sure it will help them as well.

  15. You say the screen on the XR is not bad while I’m sitting here with a smashed screen on the 7 and waiting for my XR to arrive, so I’m pretty sure it will be everything but bad lol, at least for me

  16. I like the vibration option turned on when I have it on silent mode at least I know I got a notification or call comin it’s just my preference of the settings

  17. I'm SO happy that you can have more than one face id because I have glasses but sometimes I forget to put it them on so now I don't have to have them on whenever I want to unlock my phone!

  18. Please confirm is it possible to take backup of whatsapp data in I phone XR from Android phone

  19. “You probably already unboxed your phone” I just ordered mine in the mail😔

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