iPhone user tries Android – Galaxy S10 First Look

This video is about being an iPhone user and trying out my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10. I share the reasons I am trying it out and giving you my thoughts after my first look at.


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  1. Everything is great until you jump into the software….so much mess!

    IOS is well organized and very well optimised .

  2. You Sir have a new SUB, As tech people its important to at least LEARN what's on the other side of the fence, Even if it doesn't fit with our preferred Preference. I am NOT an apple user, However I still acknowledge and respect its existence, and many people Enjoy it, That's perfectly fine. I'm glad you tried out something different, and whether down the road you decide to switch back, You at least gave it a shot. I enjoyed your presentation of this video, You were humble, and informative, and not too OVER THE TOP in terms of 'tech speak' for those who don't fully understand the Lango, Thanks for this! Keep up the good work.

  3. Welcome to freedom and you can unlock dev options if you rapid tap on the version

  4. I really don't understand how people get so "trapped" in the apple ecosystem. I've been an apple user from the iPhone 1 all the to the Xsmax. Now I have active sims on both my iPhone and my s10+ and let me tell you… I rarely touch my iphone.

  5. Repeated yourself for 2 minutes. But you cut all the crap out, thumbs up.

  6. its a security nightmare to use android phones. cyber security experts know that. lay man just have no idea.

  7. lol this is hilarious you're only realizing how great Android phones are, go try a Huawei P30 that camera will blow your mind πŸ™‚ In Europe Android is a lot more popular, i-message is overrated

  8. left apple over 5 years ago and went to samsung best thing ever apple just isnt good enough

  9. I'm on my 3rd Iphone X in the last 12 months. Since the warranty has expired and Apple will not provide me with an extended warranty. Plus the salesman lied to me and told me I had to finance the phone. As soon as the Iphone X breaks again I will get a Galaxy S10 Plus. I have used Galaxy phones before while working field service and seem to be decent phones. I have a Kindle Fire that uses the Android operating system and slowly am converting my Contacts and music to that. Bye Bye Apple Products!!!

  10. Love my Samsung S9 but my iPad is also a amazing piece of kit. Both platforms are great.

  11. I have a Chromebook and a Samsung watch and love how they sync everything, just like apple does but with more customization.

  12. I left apple after iPhone 7, been on note 8 for 2 years now and haven't looked back.

  13. I switched from iPhone to Android and loved it. Didn't know what I was missing. So many more options and features they allow you to do. Plus I love the displays and the curved screen.

  14. I don't see my self going back to android.. my 6 edge pretty much did it for me. Now i have the iphone 8 plus and loving it. If i where to upgrade again it would be with the Max. I'm just a new fan of apple now.

  15. yuuuck all the money you've spent into that ecosystem would of otten you WAAAY MORE finetuned stuff going into alternatives out there.
    Sure you gotta do the work of researching the stuff but that;s a one-time process which is an investment into solid value-for-absolute personalized system

    which is not Apple. with Apple you're forced into doing things in their way and you must pay big money for it. epic facepalm

  16. I have an 8+ phone. I am ready to jump over to Samsung, but yeah I am nervous.

  17. Learn bilingual before learning android language 🀣🀣🀣

  18. Hmmm… You seem honest.
    Now know that I use BOTH systems and the trick is simple: Google and Microsoft have you covered. Gmail, iTunes for the PC, a much better file system (just plug your phone to the PC via USB and copy, move or delete to your heart's content, versus in-app only access of IOS) and so on, it's a new World of freedom. BTW, I use both the iPhone Xs and the Samsung S10 as my main daily drivers). And PC and Mac too, as well as Airpods and Galaxy Buds – but will never leave my beloved Airpods – which do connect seamlessly with my S10 – try it.

  19. Try tapping the fingerprint sensor, it should be faster than holding it down that hard as shown in your videos. Not sure if it will be faster, but I've heard many says that it works

  20. As for the Apple "ecosystem" …well, it might work good for you, but as you now can see, you are limited to it, whereas literally every non-apple device blends in together with simply everything. It is limited only by – you guessed it – Apple. Apple's exceptional polici limits its users to Apple products. The iOS is a strongly limiting, non-customisable closed system. With Android you can do what ever you want. Jailbrake is a word, that does not exist outside of Apple's world.

  21. Wow. Im damaged by my profession but does anyone else notice the milliseconds that the audio is out of sync with the video or am I damaged? lol

  22. Congratulations for giving a try.

    A kind suggestion: embrace the new "ecosystem" … Google.

    Open a GMail account, have your pictures in Google Photos, Google Calendar, …

    You will find them seamlessly in all your devices (Desctop, Tablet, Phone, …).

    Give it a longer trial, a couple of months.
    Years of Apple use, need at least a month to soften.

    Best regards.-

  23. Iphone users lost the fameπŸ˜‚. Too much notch bullies.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  24. Apple is a Dongle Company that includes nothing. No headphone Jack on the top to stick in a pocket. LCD instead of OLED screens like Samsung. Lousy repair and no Apple Support. Just ask Jessa Jones of IPad Rehab an Apple Phone repair center or Louis Rossmann the Mackbook repair shop and the new failed Apple Macbooks . Apple is a Junk Company selling disposable Expensive Junk!

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