iPhone user tries Android – Galaxy S10 2 weeks later

This video is about my experience with the Galaxy S10 2weeks Later. I am an iPhone user trying my first Android phone




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  1. Turn off the adaptive brightness feature in the display setting if you hate the assistance on brightness level. And get the note series, much better and more features.

  2. Great tips – especially with the fingerprint, screen protector, and casing. I’m planning to switch from my iPhone X since I’m due for an upgrade.

    …I’m sorry you’re also really cute. Just FYI

  3. Is it normal that I’m nervous about switching to a galaxy s10 ? Did anyone feel that way before buying an s10 ? ( I have an iPhone 8 and have never tried android before )

  4. I switched to a Samsung Galaxy s10 plus from my iPhone 7 best decision I ever made amazing display and the battery lasts all day on heavy use

  5. I see no reason not to use both OS's. I personally have a Note9 512gb and iPhone 6S 128gb. (Both are activated) Will probably look for a newer iPhone after iOS drops support for 6S. (Then wait paitently for jailbreak! 😉 )

  6. Samsung makes the best display , and many other things, and the latest Samsung phones have no weakness.

  7. Such a nice video! I used iphone 6s plus for about 1 year and oh god, im thankfull to switch that phone to any android device. I know iphone is simple and easier to use but when i use android i feel like i got the control.That's what apple products main problem.

  8. Same no issues with fingerprint and still have the original screen protector on.

  9. Welcome to the “ecletic" club. I am a user of both Android and IOS and this has materialized into possessing and using a lot of iPhones and Android flagships (Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, abs others). Currently, I am alternating between an iPhone Xs and the latest Samsung that I have (S10 and S9+). And on these I use the wonderful Nova Launcher.
    To tell the truth, I am spending more time with the Samsungs, but the only thing that I would say that keeps me more time away from the iPhone Xs is the stupid, huge notch. It really, really detracts from the User experience. As to all other things, the main difference is possibly only the wide-angle camera, all the rest being mostly equivalent.

  10. Finally someone who reviews the base s10 everybody either use the s10e or plus

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