iPhone User Switches to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and All Samsung Products!

Even though I review plenty of Android devices on the channel, I always end up going back to my iPhone and iOS devices. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, I challenged myself to use all Samsung devices and also see how long I can do it!




  1. I was a iOS user for years but recently got the s10 which I love also got the buds plus & galaxy watch which all are awesome but if people are worried about FaceTime I use Google duo which is basically the same thing as my partner still has a iPhone 8 plus & we use Google duo so I can FaceTime my daughter

  2. So happy I found your video. You answered all but one of my questions. But I may watch your galaxy watch video. Thanks so much! I feel like making the switch tomorrow from my iPhone XS Max.

  3. What do ya'll suggest for the best iMessage alternative? Are there any that are more iMessage friendlier than others? Wondering because I really want to switch but all of my family and friends are on iOS… I'm also in 3 group messages that are pretty actives with texts, pics, and videos. Or is it just a matter of either me picking to be solely SMS and I'll receive/send degraded videos and texts or asking everyone to get on the same messaging app?

  4. I lasted all of three days! I bought the note 10+ and galaxy watch and after the 3rd day I couldn’t wait to go back to my iPhone 11 and Apple Watch. The note is a great phone but some of the apps I use were not compatible with android. I love the customization but I don’t like the android OS. If I was going to use any android phone it would definitely be the note though. Awesome phone, just not for me. Now trying to sell the damn Note and watch and having a hard time. The value has dropped so much since launch and I’ve only had mine for 3 days.

  5. Adding to if you ever make another review, add google Duo. The only reason I say is that’s what I’m getting a lot about. After this was discovered there’s definitely another reason to shoot over to android.

  6. 4:24 “Shoot it to”. Anytime my teacher would say she would shoot an email to a student, that student would report her for threatening

  7. The thing with iMessage is that it’s pretty much the same as WhatsApp or Messenger! Most people these days don’t text or SMS so iMessage is not a deal breaker at all

  8. Ignorant people say android is bad but dont realize that anybody can make an android phone compared to iPhone

  9. People call Samsung's phone bad, and they never look into the phone and what new features it has. But when a new iphone comes out they look at all the shit. But some iphone users just get iphones cause of everyone else, AND THE BRAND. Samsung Note 10 and all s10's are the phones of the year, atleast has to be.

  10. Plenty of free face time apps for android, I just don't care about face time :P, and it may just be me but I'm not paying over 1k for a phone with only 4 gigs of ram.

  11. I have to admit I switched to iPhone after android for many years. My first iPhone was iPhone 8 an now the 11pro. I like Apple way better but they have definitely copied so many of the android features. Wide angle and dark mode to name a couple.

  12. Some iPhone users can loose money when they switch over from iPhone to Android… 😏

  13. When Samsung can text 4k videos to a friend, thats when i will switch back..whats the use of having all the specs but cant implement it…iphone forever

  14. Apple is the scientology of electronics, and their users are mindless zombies

  15. man you should switch to samsung many years ago..

    samsung fan since 2012.. the innovation blows me..

  16. For "FaceTime" use Google Duo app
    For "AirDrop" use Google Files app
    Works exactly the same even better in many cases than the iOS experience.

  17. Ppl who switch from apple to Android look like battered ppl going bak to abusive partners… Appreciate the effort but u clearly aren't ready to go yet…

  18. You won't make it 6 months lol. Not because you can't but because you had no reason to leave and the OS arent much different these days and if you've been on apple for so long, you'll miss the familiarity.

  19. The FaceTime argument is so overblown. LITERALLY every social media platform offers video chat.

  20. Went from a Bugatti to a Samsung 😑🗣 why …. I’m just saying Samsung looks great but the eco system is just to addicting and your saying it’s not that bad lol I’ll give you 2 months to come back to reality. Great video though 💯💯

  21. Depends. iPhone apps are a little bit more polished than android. I’ve noticed hiccups on my S9 that I didn’t have on my XR like when I play Pokémon go. I noticed that there’s a small static sound on the S9. Same thing with the Harry Potter unite game. I like that iPhones also have a visual voicemail in the phone app unlike android and the fact that iPhones gets timely updates. On the bad side, iPhones have a horrible connection when it comes to cell service. Data is slow at times, the signal isn’t as strong and opening apps can lag.

  22. These settings y'all love bout the apple you can always find a walk around on android, it's just so many options.

  23. I made the switch too, I'm glad I did. I have the S10 plus. This phone is amazing.

  24. You'll never go back.. I've been on Galaxy Notes since the very first one and had 2 iPhones for work, plus my wife has had 3 iPhones too. She now owns the S10+, Galaxy Watch & Buds and will never go back.
    I too own the Note10+, 2 Galaxy watches (46mm & Sport), Galaxy Buds, Samsung 10,000mah wireless charging power bank, Samsung wireless chargers, Samsung curved tv, Galaxy Tab S5, etc.. I am loyal to Samsung because I've had very very few issues with their lineups. Although we did sell our Apple Macbook Pro and iMac Pro, and bought Surface Book and Surface Pro. The Surface absolutely embarrasses the Apple stuff! I used to swear that Apple took the lead in the media management/editing.. nope! They are slowly becoming irrelevant as people wake up to the fact that they're paying "top level innovator" price, for "mid-tier, restrictive, slightly outdatted" technology.

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