iPhone User Spends 17 Days on Android | Galaxy S10 Plus Review

iPhone User Spends 17 Days with Galaxy S10 Plus.. | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review (3 Weeks Later)

The Galaxy S10+ is the latest and greatest from Samsung, and in this full review, we discuss just how great it is and whether or not it’s worth buying.

We cover the design, display, battery life, performance, cameras, comparison to the iPhone XS Max, whether or not you should buy it, and more!

Galaxy S10 case I’m using in this video:
Other good cases for the S10/S10…


  1. I love the fingerprint sensor, works almost every time for me, doesnt take up real estate, plu it is just futuristic and cool

  2. all phones have thier goods and bads, I just hate it how people still argue about something like this, like we get it, ur phone has a better quality and stuff but you don't have to talk bad about others phones and u never should. It will cause a huge fight and we don't want that. And I know it's your opinion and stuff but….nobody I repeat NOBODY cares. So if u want to rant about a phone, do it by yourself and not to others…Thank You!)

  3. if you poor people you must hate apple 🤣😂🤣but honestly iPhone is the best

  4. Listen 👂 iPhone still best always do not talk lies to us bro Samsung is after iPhone ever

  5. 2:45.. alright then mate go make ur own fucking phone and see how easy it is to not have a notch or a camera sticking out..

  6. How do you guys switch to a different phone for a month? Don’t you have contracts? I have an IPhone XS and I’ve been thinking about switching to the Galaxy

  7. The word "smooth" been suing on IOS for years by every reviewer. it's brain wash word, IOS not really that smooth, it's deceiving, placebo effect on the slow motion animation. but stay sheep iphone users, because you guys so dumb and make me and my family $$$$$$$$$$$ on Apple stock, Stock holders keep your stock Apple will continue rise another billion. soon the sheep never ever wake up.

  8. Android is pretty good actually both systems are very good I switch a couple times and now I’m back to iOS

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