iPhone Top Bar Symbols, What Are They?

Apple’s OS is full of symbols that you might not know the meanings for, because many of the use cases for them are obscure. Here’s what they mean.

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  1. What does a picture of a person with a wifi symbol coming from his ear mean, Am I Being Stalked?!!!?!?

  2. For the people having a problem about the TV looking symbol on the top right, I have the video for that! Check it out! It’s useful!

  3. I have one that’s looks like a shield on the top left and it’s causing me to have a android battery over my original one. And two different times over the battery as well. Help

  4. How do I remove the microphone symbol up in the top bar on my iPhone 6 it was never there before now when I speak into my phone it speaks the same line twice in a row it's annoying

  5. I got a i7 plus. At the top of my screen there is a twirling symbol and it’s always twirling what is it does anyone know what it is?

  6. Why is there a microphone icon on the status bar on my iphone se

  7. i have a tiny tv icon at the top right, then i open a video on the website and it says that is playing on the tv, wtf ?

  8. Vertical lock! That's the symbol that was displaying and I didn't know I had clicked it. Thanks a bunch Corey!! Perfect and to the point.

  9. You don’t get tty on iPhone 6 but I do have VPN the rest of the symbols but not nightshift

  10. Can someone tell me what does it mean when nr.2 appears above the signal bar on an Iphone?

  11. To fix the tv one screen record then stop I did that and I was confused but it works so ayeeee

  12. Yes the arrow next to the WiFi on the IOS device like per say an iPad, and such etc. many people try to steal others WiFi, or data, so many worry this arrow is a cause of ur data/ WiFi being stolen u forgot to cover tht as u actually have it in ur picture in the beginning of the video ,

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