iPhone Tips & Tricks Using the New iPhone XS or XS Max

Here are some iPhone tips and tricks you can use with your new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. If you want to learn how to use the iPhone XS, these tips will show you some cool features and settings that will help you get the most of your new iPhone. These iPhone XS tips and tricks or iPhone XS Max tips and tricks can be applied to any iOS device that is running at least Apples iOS 12. A lot can be used with iPads as well.

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  1. I'm tech savvy but I'm getting the xs max in a few days and I'm switching from a Samsung a6 plus so I'm accustomed to the no buttons at all lol but thank you for this video, helped me more.

  2. Why does that thing happen when you take a selfie? Where it kinda switched the position? How can I change that? Cause everytime I take a selfie my eyebrows look uneven 😂

  3. Going from a 6 to the xs
    Ive been watching videos on how to use it without a home button and all that
    Thanks for this

  4. Switched from an iPhone SE. thanks for the tutorial and you explained and a standard pace which makes easy to understand than the rest of videos posted by other YouTubers.

  5. Thanks for this video! I replaced my iphone 8 Plus with the XS Max and I love it! I just wish they had both TouchID and FaceID.

  6. Hey bro, how to make a nice blinking light everytime u woke up that xs max?

  7. On my iPhone 7 I would double tap (not pressed down) on my home button and it would bring my screen Down how do you do that on the xs

  8. can you show how to get photos off of iCloud and just keep them on your phone, or is it better to use iCloud?

  9. How can you see other peoples location on the iPhone XS… i’m having trouble other iPhones can see mine but I cannot see their’s and they have their share location on..??

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