iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks

A video containing a variety of iPhone photography tips and tricks. My friend recently switched from Android to iOS and was concerned that her photos weren’t as good. So I made this video as a way to help offer some tips to improve on iPhone photos.

– HDR mode auto
– Live photo off
– Tonal set to none
– Flash off

Settings | Photos & Camera | Preserve Settings

– Camera Mode OFF
– Photo Filter OFF
– Live Photo ON
– Keep Normal Photo ON

Apps I love

– Filmborn (film replication)


  1. I enjoyed your tips and tricks. Since I realized I can use the switch on the headphones to trigger the shutter I decided to cut off the headphones from the cord and just use the cord as the remote shutter. I never use the headphones anyway. I have AirPods. That way you can take a picture without shaking the phone

  2. Scott, I recently started trying Screen flow for podcasting. I use a Logitech HD webcam and a Blue Yeti USB microphone. The latency is awful. Is there a way to get around this apart from having to detach the audio and manually synchronising by hand claps? Thanks.

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