iPhone Hidden Spy Microphone Hack

How to create a lavaliere microphone or hidden microphone for your iPhone.

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  3. Great u dont need to buy any small piece of mic to attached on your phone. Nice one. Thanks for the info

  4. You can just record the audio through your pocket with the phone. You could even live stream the audio from your pocket to a cloud. You could build a loop antenna inside a hat and transmit the audio on a 2 meter wavelength. You could get a walkie talkie and tape the transceiver PTT button or switch it to vox. In any case, no headphones need to be destroyed. If someone finds you have taped a microphone to the inside of your shirt, you're busted. If someone finds a phone in your pocket, you are fine. Even if they try to unlock the screen, you can have the app running while the screen is off. You can use an App that tracks your phone if they take it from you can remotely control the audio and camera from another phone or computer.

  5. I didn't have any earbuds so I asked my mom could I use hers,later she asked what was in the trash,I told her. Now I have no earbuds and no phone

  6. You pick earphones with microphone and cut the earphones. Can't see the "hidden" thing…

  7. Had a spare set of earphones to waste so I thought I would give this a try. It doesn't work for me because the active microphone picking up the sound is the iphone, not the microphone on the earphones. This is using a 6S and utilizing the same standard voice memo app as in this video. Am I missing something?

  8. can you advice me how to fix a spy mic on my wall which is 50 mt distance away from my room. I want to listen to bad conversations.

  9. That's hacking? That's simply a how to on destroying Apple earbuds. You could at least disassemble it and hide it in a jacket or something.

    Here is something better: Want a cord to hang someone with? Cut one from your fully functional 300$ Audio Technica headset's cable. Bummer.

  10. How did you get the sound to match your mouth in the video? I'm starting a prank channel and would love go know :)!

  11. You created a mic which was already created so you can attached to a phone which already had a mic . why did you do that ??

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