Iphone Android Lock Bypass

easy way to hack around the iPhone Android Lock.

1. call your iphone
2. answer the call
3. press the home button
4. hang up
5. reset your AndroidLock password
6. Happy Hacking 🙂


  1. on my phone u need to put in ur old password before u make a new one, so it wouldn't work on my phone:(

  2. My phone wouldn't go to the home screen when i tried to by touching the home button

  3. theres just one problem i have no service too what do i do when i have no service and forgot my android lock pattern


  5. omg thank you so much.i turned the pattern on but no theme for it,so i coudnt get into iphone back

  6. hi i need help!! i have the same lock screen but when i put in the lock password it brings up the regular old password lock screen, i can only enter 3 digits because the 4th digit is on the bottom row and i cannot push anything down there because it shows a slide that says show ilock and i press that and notthing happens. it blocks the last row to enter the 4 digit password lock please help!!! thanks

  7. Hey how about an easier way, download sbsettings from Cydia and if you ever get locked out of your iphone/iPod just activate it at the lockscreen and press power and click safe mode and bam! You're in works for all Idevices 🙂

  8. Yes android lock for iphone/itouch is jailbroken devices only. Jailbreak your device now by going to greenpois0n . Com download the file for your operating system then follow the directions. Your idevice can be jb in the matter of minutes

  9. Might not anymore. This video was a year old. They probably patched this bug. Try my other method in my other video

  10. You either try this method or follow the directions in my other video. Just look under my videos to find the other method

  11. can any 1 help me my voice over thing is on then now i cannot unlock my iphone i count draw the pattern help pls

  12. But don't you need to know your old android lock before you can reset it.

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