iPhone 8 Plus Setup Guide

iphone 8 plus initial setup guide


  1. Mine doesn’t show option of setup as a new iPhone how can I fix it?

  2. ive watched like 500 iphone 8 vids cus im getting one for christmas and i wanna know everything

  3. Who's still watching in 2019

    Im the only on oook i finally fell lonely

    No but seriously

  4. Should I get space grey or silver?🤔 I'm going from samsung galaxy s6 edge to iphone 8 plus

  5. Do I need WiFi to go through the set up cause I don't have WiFi and do the iPhone 8 available to have unlimited data?

  6. Wait wut?Apple id?Is that just ur normal gmail or u have to do something to get apple Id?

  7. I never activated my old phone a j3 luna pro android. Can i use the SIM card out of it even without my old phone being activated? I don't plan on putting minutes or money on my new iphone 8 plus i just ordered UNLOCKED but i don't know if they send me a SIM card. Any help is appreciated before shipping goes through. Thanks

  8. This is like the 30th video I’ve watched about iPhone 8 Plus bc my comes tmr 😂

  9. Do you need to power on the phone before you insert the SIM card or can you put it in when you haven’t powered it on yet?

  10. When it comes to the part where it says choose Wi-Fi what happens if u don't have Wi-Fi at home? Then what do you do?

  11. did he just shared the password for his WI-FI HAHAHAHAH ur neighbours will be super delighted now

  12. you save my life man , how? well i didn't wanted delete my old icloud account but my question was could i sign my old icloud account into the new phone but you answer me that

  13. I have to clean my phones off every 3 days cause it gets to dirty what do you clean yours with? Just the cloth? I use windex or baby wipes

  14. I have a question when he said to put your apple id/email do you use your regular email or not I'm wondering because I have never owned an iPhone

  15. i was thinking about getting an i phone 8 + or  i phone x which one do u think i should get i currently have a samsung galaxy s7 edge which phone do u think i should get

  16. First thing to do is put in the SIM card then carefully don't touch the glass back while putting on the case

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