iPhone 7 10 Tips and Tricks Hidden Features!

iPhone 7 & 7 Pus Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features
Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7 that you didn’t know existed. The iPhone 7 comes with a plethora of features that they don’t officially tell the consumers about, but today ill be giving them to you. These hidden features should help you have a better experience using your iPhone 7. I hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks for Watching!
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  1. 4:30 Took Me Out ! I was thinking that that’s not how the control thing look . Then realized this was made in 2016 😭 . I’m still Watchin dis in 2020 .

  2. if you got any issue with your iPhone lock and iCloud locked dm brendly_kent on IG is a reliable source a trial will surely convince you

  3. Switched from Android to iPhone… But, now Battery Backup is very very very Low….

  4. I just got my first iphone today and its making me dizzy.. Hahaha.. So glad there are videos like this..thank you so much..😂😂

  5. Sir I'm your subscriber give me one iPhone please😫🙏🙏💓

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