iPhone 6 Review from an Android User

I took a look at the new Apple iPhone 6 running iOS 8.0.2. I also talk about bendgate and let you know if it’s worth buying. This is not an Android VS iOS video.

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  1. when you have android and you do a review on apple you say its crap because it cost to much lol

  2. My iphone is a IOS 10.3.3 and its running very smoothly unlike my friend has a IOS 11 sometimes lags

  3. you guys are funny walking around with your broken iPhone. everybody at work. sit down on it breaks, drop it breaks. drop my Android today again, swung at it and accidentally knocked into the street still working not broke, you support cheap a77 company that could care less if you can use it and only wants to sell you multi phones in a year

  4. Exactly man bend gate is a bunch of bull crap I seen this guy put huge pressure on the phone 📱 I have a 6 plus nothing wrong with it and everybody is still buying one

  5. Is The IPhone 6 Good With A Good Day Use Without The Battery Diein'.? How Many Hours Will The Battery Last After A Full Charge.? Thanks Again.!

  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy s 5 active, I push buttons, (home button, files, back button) I like it..

  7. New samsung and iphones are for basic people normal people don't need an expensive phone.

  8. The thing about iPhone is that not all people love to customize their phones. Some people just need basic functions on a reliable software. For me, I just send messages, call, check my email, and watch Youtube. Games don't exist on my iPhone. I guess that is one of the reasons why 80% of businessmen around the world have iPhone in their pockets. It's just my opinion.

  9. you're complaining about how the Camara sticks out on my Samsung the Camara stick out a fucking inch

  10. That fish "vase" is way too small for a betta fish. Please do your research before purchasing a beta fish because the bare minimum amount of gallons that they need is 2.5. Although your fish may survive, it will not be thriving or happy. This is in the same way that a person can survive in a small room but would not have a good quality of life.

  11. I have an android phone that has a physical home button, and I like physical buttons. but the back and tabs buttons are touchscreen.

  12. Apple – minimum bugs, best camera quality, best design, best build quality, highest no. of apps in apple store, no heating problem.

  13. Comparing iPhone with Android is incorrect.
    iPhone is a phone, Android is a platform.
    IPhone 7 vs Galaxy s7 edge, IPhone 6 vs Nokia 3310 etc would be the right way to compare products.

  14. Build quality sucks with iPhone 6! I had to replace his phone 3 times due to bending

  15. Plain and Simple, Apple's stuff Looks Better than It Functions. and for the same amount of money you can get an android phone that looks great anyway like An S7, and has much better hardware. iOS is a smoother interface because there's less to do on it. There's less processes running, There's less Computer like things it has to do, but that's at a cost of being able to do anything with it. At the cost of personalization and Control you get a beautiful interface. At the cost of High End performance you get Great Design and Finish. Seeming like it's better doesn't mean it's better. I ran an iPhone 5s for a long time, jailbroke it and everything, I still think it's one of the best smartphones ever made, it's the best iPhone in my opinion. (Now the SE (i like the small form factor ) ) Now I'm running a Sony Xperia Z2. Admittingly a better looking phone, a better performing phone. 1080p screen, Which Apple still hasn't done in their base model phones for some retarded Reason. You can Root androids very easily. You can customize anything down to the Modules that run in it's software. So basically, If you want to buy a phone for a child, get them an iPhone SE (because they don't know how to use a PC anyway and wouldn't be able to utilize anything out of a droid)
    It's the perfect phone for someone that doesn't want to do more than Play angry birds, use snapchat and facebook. and All the kids at school will adore him/her because of the apple brand. That's the only reason to get an ios phone over a droid. If you want to make a Fashion Statement and be a blue pill like everyone they brainwashed.

  16. Your review is so amazing! I really wanted to switch to apple but im afraid I would be avle to adjust with the features and navigation though i know a few how to operate it coz ive worked from Business center before. Im just worried with the trouble shooting of iphone. Anyway ive been an android user for almost 4 years I guess. Cane here just to see POV of android user who switch to apple. May I ask how about the front camera? Any issues of it? And does it hangs if the internal memory fulls?
    Im using Asus zenfone 5 now and it crashes often i already inserted sd card and still my apllications hangs 🙁 I really want to try iphone. Bit worried of the storage. Coz it doesnt have sd card. Ehe~ thanks for this great review! 😉

  17. you miss alot of android , but you like alot of apple. apple is pretty cool . I also made the switch . I don't know if I would stay with apple though, my next device will be an android unless there's a few changes like better battery life and fast charger .

  18. I appreciate how generous the android users in the comment section are towards the iPhone I have never seened anything like it

  19. I have been an android guy since the lg Optimus 2x (2011). Recently I switched to the iPhone 6s to try something different. It took me a month and some change to convert. There are a lot of new thing that you have to learn on the way but that's half of the fun. All in all I love my iPhone and do not regret leaving android. I love the fact that you can pickup almost any iPhone and you will get a good experience. I have seen people rocking the iPhone 4s in 2016 with the latest software update and they are happy with it. It's carzy that a 2011 iPhone is still serviceable in 2016. Sadly my LG G Optimus 2x was worthless after a year because of lag.

  20. Oh n One More Thing…If ios Sucks So Much, Then Why Does EVERY New App Come Out On iOS 1st n Androne Has Ta Wait n Wait n Wait n Wait n Wait n Wait..All Major Adverts That Wanna Sell There Product Has A iPhone/Mac Or iPad As There Silhouette..Coincidence ? NOPE…Its Cause It Sells…Oh n By Tha Way Your Welcome

  21. WHUT…90% Of Apples Features Come From Android…Whut A Silly Statement..
    You Can Only Invent So Much..Its Like Sayin Well This Car Had Tha 1st CD Player n All Tha Other Car Companies Copied It…Damn Be Objective Not Biased..Oh Your Welcome

  22. Good Video I'm an iPhone 6S Plus and I'm thinking of Switching but I don't know The Galaxy Note 7 Looks like a Phone I want, I mean Apple does need to wake up and make the 7 Plus Different from the 7 if they want to stay in the game JS😏

  23. Wait… so with the Iphone…. everytime I connect to my house's wifi I have to put in the password? It doesnt automatically remembers it???!!!!

  24. OMFG LOOK AT THIS dude he needs a big screen and says button is down and its uncomfortable then where u want the home button to be place , sir!? IN THE MIDDLE OF SCREEN? u opted for a big screen disagreeing the fact that your hands are small to reach the button down there… and the review is good but some things make no freakin sense

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