iPhone 4S Upgrade, Apple TV Hacks and Wireless Syncing

In this episode, we’re going to cut the cord. We’ll show you how to wirelessly sync your iOS or Android device, run down some ways you can upgrade to the iPhone 4S for free, how to hack your Apple TV and more. This is Lifehacker, episode 30.

Tricks of the Trade – Hack your AppleTV

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Make Your House…


  1. @666shamura666 lol they also show how much they know xD and how sure they are about there stuff 🙂

  2. @madzyadzy07 Just look at the Apple stuff in this video. Better call the channel "AppleDowloadThisAndWhooImAnHak3rz!!!". Totally gay.

  3. @NicholasGalvan He's either suffering from the side effects of a cancer treatment or he's a hipster douchebag.

  4. @lifehacker i'm a poor college student. I sleep on a beanbag. however, craigslist actually has some free couch's. :] thats the best I can do for you. thanks guys.

  5. @ 07:18 mhh my phone is synching without charging your device on iOS5

  6. @jvadala1404 If you support our sponsor, we might be lucky enough to afford a larger couch 🙂

  7. Thankyou so much. I found this video EXTREMELY helpful. I have actually started using AirPlay now! haha

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