iPhone 11 Pro Max Tips & Tricks

We take a look at the little things that you can do to make the most out of the iPhone 11 series.
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[00:00] Intro
[00:17] #1. Dark Mode is your friend, but know when to use it
[00:46] #2. Make sense of the cursor control
[01:40] #3. Slide to type
[02:06] #4….


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips & tricks….. much appreciated. Looking forward to using my new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  2. Another great thing is attention aware voice control.
    Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Control

  3. Being able to hold the the space bar to move the cursor has been out since Apple come out with 3D on the iPhone 6s witch come out in 2015 with IOS 9

  4. Long time galaxy user. I finally made the switch to iPhone and got the 11 pro max. And I’m loving it. The only thing I miss is the s pen from my note. The swipe works way better on iPhone.

  5. #9 Automation shortcuts, where do you find this My Shortcuts on the phone??

  6. My day was so good omg I was first born and I’m not a fan but I’m not a fan I don’t like the way I do I wanna is this is a joke I don’t have to a break or

  7. This video is more about tips and tricks on the iOS updates not on the phone itself lol

  8. Yes, but how do you turn off the “click the side button” button feature when trying to purchase items on iTunes?! Several times I’ve clicked it and it said it went through but I have no new music since I received and activated this phone almost a month ago. 😒 it’s so annoying and unacceptable. I’m going to sell this phone if i can’t download music ever again.

  9. I love my iPhone. But they have mostly copied and slightly changed features that have been available on Android for years. The sucky part is that iOS should completely dominate. The only reason it’s not quite there is because of slow adaptation to new os features. They are always late to the party. When they finally arrive, they make some odd cumbersome change to avoid copyright issues from copying android. Android copies apples phone design trends and Apple steals their software ideas and makes them less functional..

  10. I just bought my iPhone 11 Pro Max a month ago and I don’t know what’s the tips and trick until I watched this. Thanks a lot! 👍🏻😊

  11. I just bought my iPhone 11 Pro Max a month ago and I don’t know what’s the tips and trick until I watched this. Thanks a lot! 👍🏻😊

  12. Just switched back to apple after the note 9 for a year. I love the options and customization of android, but iPhones just work better

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