iPhone 11 – First 13 Things To Do!

iPhone 11 – First 13 Things To Do! | iPhone 11 Tips & Tricks

Did you just get an iPhone 11? Wondering what to do after unboxing it and going through the initial setup process? Well, this video is for you! Here are 13 settings to change and tips to consider with your new iPhone 11!

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  1. Great video! Just got my new iPhone and this was super helpful. Im going to have to get used to the gestures. I’m jumping to the gestures and battery saving videos after this! Thank you🙏

  2. My wife wants to buy me a iPhone 11 and I told her that I’ll just keep my 7+ ,I don’t want a stupid phone that’s made outta glass, so stupid omg?

  3. Yes coming from 6s also, sorry i felt so frustrated, you were already on the 3 rd one and im like, ok where was that first thing?

  4. This was genuinely useful, I'm still saving up to buy myself an iPhone 11 and finally upgrading from the SE, I can see that there will be some real improvement lol.

  5. lmao all these people watching from iPhone 6. meanwhile I'm on a galaxy s6 edge from 2015 🙄. I love galaxys but pretty much everyone I know has an iPhone plus this is cheaper for me than a galaxy s20 which is what I really wanted oh well!

  6. I am going from a Samsung j3 and j7 to a iPhone 11 so it is a huge step. I had to ask my brother how to run it because I never had a iPhone.
    Btw I got the iPhone 11 black. This video helped me a lot, thank you

  7. Question for you Brandon …Is this Face ID or eye id? Can you open the phone with your eyes closed?

  8. Is anyone else watching these videos because your getting an iPhone 11 soon?

  9. I’ve had a rose gold 6s plus for since it came out 😭 just ordered a white iPhone 11 its coming on tuesday 😭😭😭

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