iPad Pro 11” Unboxing + Handcam Gameplay | FPS Test, Graphics | PUBG, CODM, Critical Ops

iPad Pro 11 Inch Unboxing! Handcam Gameplay! Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Critical Ops FPS & Graphics Test!

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Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay By OzuXxPlays:

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  1. Guys I want to know if ipad pro 2020 11 is best ipad for gaming if u agree like….

  2. I have the iPad Pro 11 and the iPhone 11 and the different in the frames are highly noticeable

  3. I promise u playing COPS on the ipad is like hacking.
    Ive owned a 1tb ipad pro AND GOD DAMN ITS A BEAST definately recommend buying it

  4. Bro is it hard to play 2 fingers in PUBG mobile? Because I’ve been playing it since my X!!… do I need to turn on gyro to play in pro?

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