iOS vs Android & iPhone 5S Review

I switched back to the iPhone and wanted to give my unbiased thoughts on Android versus iOS now that I have at least a year of experience on each platform.

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  1. Dam when he said Siri is fucking awsome I'm laughing bc in 2020 Siri sucks

  2. It is discouraging that Apple lets Siri falls behind without a fight.

  3. Linus “Apple maps is better”

    Me “Linus did Apple Pay u”

    Linus”maybe” smirks

  4. Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  5. Hi my name is hi my name is hi my name is chic a chic a slim shady

  6. Hay there is not I phone 55 yet. You know from the thumbnail? Don't you mean iPhone 5s?

  7. iphone 7+ comes out, they havent fixed the back button thing, linus switches to s8. lol

  8. July of 2017 and Siri is shit imo. Funny that it seems to have degraded. Google Assistant and Google app are killer.

  9. I had a 5s but I dropped it in water around early May of this year 😣😣 . It served me well but I now have a Galaxy J3 and I like it.

  10. Linus needs to do an update now. Just from watching this video, I get the feeling that Linus would love a 6s running iOS 9.3.4.

  11. Oh my god Linus must be a social guy with close to 3000 notifications

  12. Android phones a better and always will be better than IOS phones.

  13. Linus complaining about no swift key and there is me on my 5S writing this with swiftly…

  14. There's something called airdrop it's similar to the function of nfc to share data.

  15. Google now is ten times better than siri plus you can download cortana from the app store which I think is a little better.

  16. Apple maps is missing SO many roads around where I live, I legitimately cannot use it.

  17. I am writing this on my iPhone 6. The 3rd worst phone I have ever owned. Behind the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4s. I cannot believe I keep giving in to this disgusting product. It has crashed more times in the last few months than my 2001 PC which is chock FULL of malware. The touch screen stops working for literally 5 minutes at a time… The screenshot feature works 1 out of 6 times, and my microphone only works when it's next to my face. I brought the phone to apple and they said nothing is wrong with it and that I'm overreacting. This is my last iPhone. Galaxy S7 edge here I come. Goodbye Apple, may your egotistical employees always believe they are number 1.

  18. Now Google now is the best. It has better answers rather then just directing you to the web, and Google now can be used without pressing any button, which I like.

  19. I use both but honestly i really like apple more than android cause on android you get like no gb so you could barely download apps but my iphone never ran out so i like ios better (android is an ok phone)

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